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What the detox did for me so far

I have to update you guys about the detox! I did the second phase (where you can barely eat anything) 1,5 times as long as I was actually planning to. Which on itself meant a lot for the trust in my persistence, I’d never think I’d be able to eat like that for a month. Very gradually, and mostly the last week, I started to lose weight.

what the detox did for me so far

A week ago I went to phase three, having lost 8 kilos in total. I even didn’t dare to lose more weight than that, because I needed time to get used to the changes in my body. It’s weird how different it feels, though the changes are not thát drastically.

Does it feel better to weight less? I’m not sure.

It does feel nice to experience a different body size and to feel more in charge of the weight my body has. But I think the biggest difference is from the inside: I feel more at home in my body. I really feel like my body is here for ME, instead of for guys who can consider it to be attractive or not. Ironically I notice that I care less about my appearance. That I just want to honour my body no matter what it’s like, just because it’s my body. And for a long time I’ve had that philosophy, but now it is real! I not only know it, I feel it!

Maybe it’s because I spent more than a month taking intensive care for my body. It does something for your relationship.

Emotionally I also feel like I learned a lot and let go of a lot, although that’s too difficult to yet fully see and reflect upon. I’ll get back to it later!

And the strangest thing… is my face. Haha. I liked my body curved and I like my body now it weights less, but my face definitely feels more like me now! I didn’t notice that much difference before because it goes so gradually, but this week I accidently compared pictures. I tried to get my appearance and the lightning as much the same as possible.

And see what came out of it:

Luz, before and after the detox

Every time I look at it I get the creeps! It’s me but it’s so different and still they’re both me…. men it feels weird to see yourself like this.

And it brings me some trust that the detox is actually doing something for my body. :)

p.s. If you are interested in doing the detox yourself, feel free to contact me at!

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