Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

The Light Millionaires Project

In August 2015 I got into touch with a company that brought me new hope for health, wealth and stronger friendships. But the road to get there wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped for at the start. Here I share my story of building a team of “Light Millionaires” and becoming one myself – including all the shit and all the glory.

My Journey

1. What if I’ll Stay Sick Forever?
2. So… I’m in?
3. Light Millionaires and Network Marketing
4. Why I Decided To Become a Networking Marketer
5. ‘Let’s Get your Motivation Tested, Darling’
6. The Art of Selling: Convincing or Informing?
7. How Network Marketing Brought me Back In Touch with Unconditional Love
8. My First Starters Day
9. The Dark Side of Network Marketing?
10. Let Go of Plans… and Celebrate!
11. The Wise Man Who Looks Within
12. The Evening I Fell Apart
13. … And the Day it All Came Together
14. Defeat?
15. I Quit!
16. The New Why: the No-Why
17. What the Detox Did for me so far
18. The Search Continues
19. How Hibernation Will Drive my Biz Forward
20. It’s not about your First Line. It’s about YOU.
21. Let’s Jump to Conclusions: Was Network Marketing Right for Me?

To respect the privacy of the people involved, I have changed the names of most people in this story.

To all the people described in this story

Please try to not take anything too personal. I want to share my honest story here and sometimes that means describing what disappointed or hurt me in our relationship. But no matter how much we mismatch on any give moment, I will always honour you for the beautiful person that you are, even if my ego can’t see it at the moment. I know that these are the stories that are here to teach me, and I know that you, just like me, are always perfect.