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So… I’m in?

so Im in

About a month later, I was desperate enough to check this detox thing out and I had to travel West anyway so it was a good combo. Making an appointment with Robert was very frustrating to me because I found him very inflexible with dates and time, while I had to make such a big sacrifice to travel there.

I had almost cancelled the whole thing, if it wasn’t for my sister who listened to all my frustrations and replied ‘Hey what if we go there together, then we can also have some fun with the two of us and you won’t have to travel only for things you feel obligated to travel for.’

Super supplements?

Before the meeting at Roberts place, she had already spoken with him and in short told me what this detox was about. Robert had found a company that produced supplements, but not the ordinary ones. Their main product was a pot full of powder made from organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. All you had to do was make a shake of it in the morning and holy shit – you had all your vitamins and minerals for the day!

I – laziest cook ever with a great desire to live healthy – couldn’t believe it! My sister told me that the company even used an organic binding agent and worked with cold processing only, which made it possible for your body to absorb a way larger percentage of the nutritions than in the average vitamin supplement.

So woaw I was completely dazzled by the amazingness of this product and thought the prize, although high, was more than reasonable for such a great product – only about 125 euros per month, and you’d get it all delivered at your home. I was ready to buy!

There’s an extra benefit

‘But wait’, she said. ‘It gets even better.’
She told me how the company (which I will call the Hippie Health Company from now on, because I personally think that’s what it is*) had decided they didn’t want to spend their money on usual marketing, but found a way that would make the marketing budget flow back to customers that had become raving advocates of the company.

Compare it to visiting cinema. If you see a movie that you like, you’re going to recommend it to friends, and then they will buy a ticket to see the movie as well. How awesome would it be if the cinema gave you a small percentage of that ticket, as a thank you for recommending them to your friends? Well, that’s what the Hippie Health Company decided to do.

How this compensation plan works, is hugely difficult to explain and at the time my sister told me about this, we both had no idea what it was about. We thought it would be pretty awesome if maybe we could eventually recommend this product to a few friends, and maybe make enough money with that to earn our own expenses for the supplements back.

I’m not going to get into too much detail about the compensation plan, but I have to tell you one thing about it: it’s not your friends whom your going to get the most of your money from. You get a very very low percentage of the purchases your direct friends make – say only a few euros per friend. Not an amount that will bring complications in the friendship or would make me feel insincere.

However, when that friend recommends the product to his/her friend, you will get a much larger percentage. This means you will only earn a lot of money from it, if you help your friends become successful with it too! You literally get rewarded for helping people getting a better physical & financial health! If you would really dive into the opportunity, about 96% of your earnings will come from people you don’t even know. Later on in my journey I found out that the Hippie Health Company has gotten an award for the most ethical compensation plan; most network marketing based companies don’t work with such a low first line percentage.

But for now, let’s get back to the meeting at Roberts place.

Bart, a friend of Robert, told us more about the products the company sold, but it was very difficult for me to get the information I wanted. All the names of different products were way to complex for me to remember.

It took me the whole evening to finally get the picture: there was a set of basic supplements, namely the Magic Powder Pot for vitamins and minerals, the Miracle Pills for cell restorage and additional fish oil for omega carboxylic acid that I didn’t want to use nor promote as a vegetarian/vegan.

One could just use these every day in addition to a normal diet, to make sure your body has all the nutrition it needs. The only thing you’d have to take care of are proteins and carbohydrates.

Beside that, you could do a special detox that wasn’t developed by the company but which made use of the Hippie Health Supplements to make sure you won’t miss out on nutrition while almost fasting and therefor giving your body the opportunity to detox and lose unhealthy fat. That evening, I wasn’t interested at all. It all sounded very scary and a crazy thing to put my body through.

I did however order the basic supplements (minus the fish oil) and this is how my sister became my sponsor. Sponsor means that she is the friend who recommend me to the company, so she would receive a few euros for me signing up. It also meant that she would be coaching me through this process, as well on the health area, as on the business part.

*Why do I not mention the actual name of the company? Because law forbids to make health claims for food supplements. By not mentioning the name of the company, I can write more freely about all my experiences.

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