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Review of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz + Life Academy

What has helped me to move my business forward? One of these things is Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz + Life academy. I became an affiliate and raving fan, and therefore see it as my duty to give you all the advice you need to decide if the academy is for you. And as an extra… I’m also sharing tips on how to get the most out of your membership! :)

review leonie dawson shining biz and life academy

I want to make clear that all the links in this article are my affiliate links. If you decide to go trough these to sign up for the academy: thank you SO much! :) You probably made my day!


1. When is the academy interesting for you?

  • You’re hippie, creative, spiritual and/or a dreamer.
  • You want to take your biz to the next level or are thinking about starting one.
  • You would love to learn about business in a way that is fun, inspiring and self-loving.
  • You’re looking for a group of supportive woman who will help you with all your struggles, and celebrate your successes with you.


The academy can also be interesting to you if you’re very experienced and successful in business already, but in that case you should aim for the creative happy vibe it will bring you, and the support of the mastermind. The content might be of less value to you (although…it’s a lot!).


2. A tour through the academy! :D

This a peek inside the academy, made by Leonie Dawson herself.


3. My experiences with the academy

My hesitance to buy

I had been in business for about 3 part-time years when I decided to join Leonie Dawson’s academy. It still felt very scared to spend money on business education while I wasn’t earning anything yet, and I promised myself that if I bought this membership I would never again think about purchasing business programs. With the idea that $500 would be my only investment (I had considered programs up to €3000) I felt safe enough to take the risk.

Three months later, I decided to spent all my saving money on business programs. Why? Because of the Shining Biz + Life academy – and because I love to take things to the extreme, let’s be honest about that.

Investing money in business education and seeing the results of it has convinced me that it’s one of the best places to put my money right now. I would advice everyone to not question if you should put money in biz education, only ask yourself how much and in which program. So let’s get to the part where you can find out if the Shining Biz + Life Academy is the right place for you:


My WOW’s about the academy



I’m a course/information junkie. So after signing up, I dived into the two main biz programs of the academy: Business Goddess and Double Your Biz.

I made a huge list of stuff to implement and those implementations made an ENORMOUS difference in Commit Happiness. I made a video about Commit Happiness before and after, and a lot of the changes are inspired by what I learned from these two programs.

In October 2015 an awesome update came out: you can now take the Double Your Biz course as a daily e-mail course. I signed up for that one for Life of a Hippie CEO, so every day I implement one task that I get deliverd in my inbox. Over time, this will have a huge impact on Life of a Hippie CEO as well.

Want some examples? Here you go:


The loving magic vibe!

What does Leonie do when she has to give an example of a joint venture? She tells about how she and Awesome Unicorn collaborate together!

It’s her style and I fell in love with it because it makes improving your business so much more fun! Sometimes I find her products painfully messy, but they have this beautiful creative spark that makes you feel like eating candy while you’re working through her course.

One of my favourite Leonie Dawson phrases is: do what is doable for you right now. You can always come back to this program later and implement the rest.

I’ve followed very professionally looking programs that were terrific in content, but that also made me pee my pants. So overwhelming. With Leonie I’ve never felt like that because of this phrase and her stories of how she brought that into practice herself. It doesn’t need to be perfect to rock peoples lives! :)


The mastermind

I expected absolutely nothing from the mastermind. ‘Haha,’ I thought, ‘Good joke to sell that with your program. I know Facebook groups…you post your question and you are very lucky if you get 1 or 2 responses.’

When I posted my first question in Leonie Dawson’s group, I got ten responses within a day and an overload of love. When I shared with the group that I had just sold my first e-course it got 100+ likes and 22 celebration wishes. When I posted about my relationship issues and how it effected my company, twelve woman sent me their support. I feel loved and appreciated, even without being known by these wonderful woman.

Review of Leonie Dawson's academy

I no longer feel frightened by business questions – at all! Do I not know what to do with something? I go to the mastermind and find my answers. The magic always works.

In this mastermind I met Kristen, my first mastermind buddy and now good friend. She lives on the other side of the world and we can’t wait to be earning massively with our businesses to meet each other in Thailand for a spiritual retreat.

I have met accountability buddies, joint venture partners, testers for my courses and inspiring examples. Meeting so many woman who are serious about making their business work, has given me the confidence that so can I.


My doubts about the academy

As you must have noticed by now, I am a great fan of the Shining Biz + Life acedemy. But this review of Leonie Dawson’s academy would feel incomplete if I didn’t share about stuff that I didn’t like so much. I don’t want to pretend this program is perfect.


Regarding quantity

The amount of courses you’re going to get is huge for $500. But in my experiences, Leonie sells it like even more than it already is. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a bit allergic to those programs that are shown off with books, videos ánd CD’s so you’ll be like ‘wow it’s huge!’. While eventually it appears that all of those e-books/pdfs, videos and mp3’s have just the same information only delivered with different media. This sometimes disappointed me in a course that was not as large as I had expected although it still brought me enormous value.


Regarding quality

Through every course I have done, I have had doubts about the quality. Most of them are about the quality of the graphics, video or audio. I love the colours and playfulness Leonies work has, but my designers heart cringes when I see a whole book in Papyrus. (That same book has been a great comfort on one of my sad bed days by the way…So maybe I should take it back.)

Sometimes I also missed details and actionable steps. Leonie would come up with a crazily inspiring idea/strategy/perspective, but often I would feel like ‘okay, so now what? How am I going to make use of this concept?’ I guess that’s what most bothers me most about the academy, I would love to see them improve on that – like they did with Double Your Biz.

Despite that however, I was able to change A LOT in my business and my attitude towards my business. When I’m doing the programs, I’m in critic mode and see everything that could be improved in my opinion. But once I start implementing and see magic happen, or get some loving support in the mastermind, I’m shouting from the roof that this Seriously Is The Best Thing Ever.


Let’s jump to conclusions

I bought a membership because it seemed like so much courses for my money. Because not all of those courses had the quality or content I’d hoped for, I could feel disappointed at times. On the other hand, the Magic Money Making kit and most parts of the Business Goddess course and Double Your Biz + the support of the mastermind were WAY more valuable than I had thought beforehand. Just those things are worth the money to me, and I see all the other courses as a nice extra.

I think everybody will have parts of the academy that they fall in love with and parts that they don’t like so much.

Magic Money Making Kit


4. How to get the most out of your membership


Where to start

Looking for business growth? Start with using the Magic Money Making Kit every 1st of the month to get clarity on your direction. Regarding the courses, start with Business Goddess and then take Double Your Biz. After that you can take the smaller courses to keep improving your business. Oh and introduce yourself to the mastermind so you can immediately experience the love and engagement of everyone in there!



It’s a painful truth, but nothing happens if you don’t implement. Better take a little part of a course and take action upon it, than read the whole Double Your Biz. (To those of you who are reading addicted like me… It helped me to give myself permission to first read the hell out of those programs while taking actionable notes. That made it easier for me to start implementing later.


Make use of the mastermind

I would have payed $500 just for having access to the mastermind, it’s golden! Don’t be hesitant and post your questions! I would recommend to check in there at least every week, help others if you can and post your own question or celebration.

I can also recommend to get into smaller subgroups so you get to know people more personally, and to go to a local meet-up if they are hosted in your country. The mastermind gets so much more value once you make friends in there!


5. Questions?

Do you have any questions left about the Shining Biz + Life Acdemy? Send me an e-mail at and I’ll be happy to answer them! :)

Make a difference in YOUR biz!

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