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My First Starters Day

What a confusing day it was. Today my sister and I went to the ‘starters day’: an event meant for people who are starting out with referring the Hippie Health Company, organized by people who have been very successful at it.

my first starters day


I met a lot of people with the craziest stories about how the supplements and the detox had cured them! Of course it’s no guarantee that it will have the same results for other people with the same diseases, but men…

I met a woman who doesn’t need to wear her glasses anymore. It’s just one of the many stories, but hers inspired me in particular because… well I do like my glasses but how awesome would it be if I could just deliberately choose everyday whether I wanted to wear them or not, just as a regular fashion item?

I also got inspired by a very introvert guy who was being asked on stage to celebrate the success he had had with network marketing. After my breakdown earlier this week it was so great to see the evidence that really any type of person can do this!

But what I liked best about the day was that from the beginning of my journey I had the feeling that this company was something good… and today that feeling got reality.

O my God one of the speakers was referring to the law of attraction and spirituality multiple times! There were my type of people here! <3 And also completely different types of people, but the multicultural aspect of it was so nice too! I was a bit scared I would meet the stereotype businessman who cut of his feelings in order to make money.... So not true!

And I met Gerjo, the man who brought the Hippie Health Company to the Netherlands. The fact that it was so easy to meet ‘THE guy’ and start a conversation with him, for me shows so much about the community culture in here.

…and desperation

But the feeling of inspiration and enthusiasm I got from all this, didn’t last long. After the lunch break, we learned about a so-called ‘success secret’ to build a big team quickly, and it didn’t resonate with me at all.

The whole day gave me the feeling that there was ONE way this should be done, and I’d better fit into it. No one said that out loud, but everyone seemed to be so agreeing with everything. And as always, I get the chills of that kind of stuff and want to rebel and find my own way in doing this.

After the talk I tried to get some help on certain issues I was struggling with regarding this project, and I felt not being helped. So many people kept telling me I should ask my sponsor…because that’s how it works. Question? You ask your sponsor, and if s/he doesn’t know, s/he asks his or her sponsor. And so forth.

I totally understand why they need to use this; more experiences people don’t want to be overloaded with questions. But my sponsor/sister had started with this project at the same time as I had, and didn’t know that much more than me. I really felt the urge to speak to someone with more experience on this to give me some advice. And it was frustrating that it was so hard to find someone willing to really take some time to help me. Or did I not ask clearly enough? I’ve never been good at asking for what I need. But every time I reached out a little for myself, I felt disappointed.

On my way back to my boyfriends house, everything that could possibly go wrong with public transport, did. And somehow I just couldn’t bare that at the moment and started having a public crying sessions at the underground station. (I try not to fight my feelings anymore and let them out, no matter where I am.) I kept feeling miserable the whole evening, not really knowing why at the moment. So much confusion…

When I look back at it (I write this post a few weeks later) I see how much this project keeps reminding me that I have to find MY way in everything. Facing negative emotions: totally okay. But it has to make my soul sing, or I shouldn’t do it.

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