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Light Millionaires and Network Marketing

Let’s be honest here. When I first started this project, I was mainly focused on myself. On the money I could make with network marketing and how it would help me build Commit Happiness and all my other projects. It was a nice thing that while doing this, I would help my friends get a passive income too, but my dreams were focused around what I would get out of it.

And before you get me wrong – I believe that’s beautiful and perfect too!
I strongly believe that helping ourselves is really the same thing as helping another, and that in order to fully help others we first have to take care of ourselves.

So that’s what I did and it fuelled me enough to embark on this journey. Which led me to a Wednesday afternoon on which I put on a podcast to motivate my sister.

light millionaires and network marketing

Light Millionaires

On this episode of The Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast (can totally recommend that show btw!), Miguel Boges talks about the concept of Light Millionaires. He states that many of the humanitarian people in this world, are people who have a bad association with money and therefor don’t try to get rich.

While it would actually be a very good thing if these people would become rich, because it empowers them to do even more good things for the world and they of all people would be the most conscious in spending the money on the right things, instead of harming the world with their purchases. It is his mission to help more of the humanitarians get rich, so they will become what he calls Light Millionaires.

This concept totally inspires me, and I realized I can apply it to this project! I can focus on searching for people in my team who are dreamers, idealists, change makers. And with this project I can empower them to build a passive income so they can find the time and money to do what they would love to do most in this world! Let’s get clear that I’m not aiming for millionaires here (not necessarily that is ;)), but a few hundred to a few thousand euros should already make a huge impact!

Will my friends be future Light Millionaires?

I have a friend who dreams of building eco domes, but is struggling with finishing his studies for years now. How much better would it be for the world if he would put work into this project and succeed in building a passive income over time, so that he could quit his studies and start building self-sufficient houses?

I know an artist who’s music, paintings and poems definitely will bring joy to a lot of people. I know a programmer who would actually prefer to program voluntary for start-ups and NGO’s. I know a girl who dreams of creating a beautiful garden where everybody is welcome to come and eat and create art together.

My fire for this project lights up every time I think about this! How amazing can it be… that I found something that will bring health to the world and while doing this creates a passive income for me and my fellow dreamers – so we can do even more good to the world?!

I’m in.

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