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July 2017 Income Report

I started July with the closing of my self-love e-course launch, and spent most of my time on the creation of my new inner wisdom course.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

income report july 2017

1. July Check-in

Revenue: €2970,37

  • Self-love e-course: €2682,- (18 sales)
  • Affirmation e-course: €75,- (3 sales)
  • Meditation bundles: €108,- (2 sales)
  • Youtube advertisements payout: € 105,37

Expenses: €125,15

  • Bookkeeping service: €18,15
  • ConvertKit: €87
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €20,-

Traffic Sources


  • 6956 Visits at CH (-1313)


  • 6614 Newsletter CH (+218)
  • 5575 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+388)
  • 1631 Facebookgroup members CH (+187)
  • 1161 Facebook Likes CH (+70)


Important going-ons

  • At the beginning of the month, I closed the launch for my self-love course. With €3500 in revenue, this was my biggest solo launch yet – but money wise it felt like a bit of a disappointment. I thought I would have been able to make around €5000 now that my list had grown so much, and after making more than €10.000 on my virtual summit… that €3500 suddenly felt so small.
    But it was funny to experience that ‘failing’ at your launch, is really much more comfortable when that means you still make over €3000!
    I felt a deep inner peace with not reaching my launch goal, I felt grateful for the big amount of money that came in, and at the same time I could think: ‘But with €3500, I’m never able to pay myself an income of €1000/month!’.
    It was quite confusing, but in every way better than those launches where I made just a few hundred and felt like a total failure. Plus I loved the connection I had with my audience this time, through the Facebook lives :)
  • So, July was the month I was meant to create the new version of my inner wisdom course! It usually takes me one month to create an online course, so my inner productivity addict took quite a hit when my course was nowhere near finished by the end of the month.
    The reason for this? I created it in a very different way. Instead of creating a course from what I already know about the subject, I created it from intention.
    What I mean by that is that I decided what I wanted my course to be: a powerful course that teaches people how to connect to their intuition. And from there, I tried to let my own inner guidance fill in the details, instead of letting it be guided by what I was able to teach at this moment.
    It’s as if I didn’t decide what the modules where going to be: I just ‘received’ what they were going to be. I knew certain parts of the content immediately from my past experiences and knowledge, but other times I would say: “In this module I have to teach people how to comfort their ego, so it will be on board with the intuitive process!” without having the slightest clue how to teach that.
    It definitely was scary to throw myself into such an unknown place, and often I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to figure it all out.
    But bit by bit, I started to receive the content of my course.
    Now if I’m being totally honest with you, that did involve loads of weed :’D. For me, weed is like a catalyst for my intuition and at times it was just really great to make rapid progress thanks to the weed.
    I could have done it sober but it would have taken me much longer, and it would have been much harder because working on this while being sober… it constantly confronts me with my not-knowing, and that insecurity if I would even able to do this.
    That’s why I watched an insane amount of tv this month! It was as if I could work on my course for half an hour or so, and then I would be so depleted that I couldn’t do much else than watch tv for a few hours. In one month I went through all the seasons of New Girl, and finished the first season of Girlboss.
    So this time I did a mix of both working sober and while I was high. I want to develop this skill (of creating by intention) further in the future, so that after a while I won’t need any drugs or tv at all.


Goal reflection

Start every working day with a soul session/tuning in
Well… I dind’t do this as a daily routine, but I did check in a lot more – all related to the way I’m creating my new inner wisdom course.

Connect with the vision of the New Me every working day
I barely got to this one :( I just felt quite lost on how exactly to connect…

Switch from Convertkit to ActiveCampaign
I went into a deep rabbit hole here, spending endless hours trying to compare ConvertKit (affiliate link) to Activecampaign and to Drip. I spoke with people on the salesteam, tried out demo’s, made a huge list with the pro’s and con’s of each of them…

I was obvious that ActiveCampaign would be cheaper, but Drip might be more user-friendly. They both had awesome features and they both lacked some of the things I was looking for. So did ConvertKit.

It drove me nuts, and it started to become a big time sink. So at a certain point I realized I just had to give one of these mailing service providers a shot to actually FEEL how it would be to use the software. At the start of August, I signed up with Activecampaign. This would turn into a horrible experience that eventually made me move back to ConvertKit again – but more on that in my November report.

Biggest Insights

  • From July on I will be paying myself an income from my business: €1000/month. I actually went to the bank to get my first €500,- in cash, which was so exhilirating! I have been working towards this moment for years, and it’s finally there!
    In case you wonder; yes, I could have afforded to pay myself a few months earlier. But I didn’t, just because I didn’t know how to! So one of my insights/celebrations was to take the step to ask my new bookkeeper to figure out how. It can be the most silly things that stop you from doing the important stuff!
  • But paying myself changed me in a much more profound way. I slowly started to realize that I always told myself ‘later, when I earn money, I can stop doing the things in my business that I don’t like.’ Now that I actually WAS earning €1000/month it gave me that sensation of: if not now, then when? If I don’t start working less now, then when will I allow myself to?
    Or even more so: I realized that if I wouldn’t do things differently now, I would probably never. I had no excuse left to put my happiness on the backburner.
    So at the end of July I decided to start working 6 hours a day instead of 8 (or 10). I developed a more relaxed attitude towards my work and started to focus more on taking care of myself rather than sacrificing myself because there was a to-do list that needed finishing.
    It became a lot more pleasant to run a business :)
    Now I must add, giving myself the permission to do all this was still not easy… I still carry an inner tyrant that believes I can’t stop working until I’ve reached my Ultimate Goals in Life. But I was able to listen less to that voice, and start the transition of taking care of myself over taking care of my lovely business.
    A different part of that is also: to allow my business to support me. With an income, with coaches, with great laptops to work from… there is so much we can do to let our business support us!
    Of course this has become much easier for me now that there is more cashflow in my business. But even if you’re not making any money; just talking to the spirit of your business for instance can give you that feeling of being supported by her.



  • The fact that this was the first month I actually paid myself from my business income was a huge celebration! It felt so amazing. I decided that I will spend my first €500 only on stuff I would like to buy for fun (instead of stuff like food, rent etc.) as a way to celebrate my first payout. Here are some of the things I bought with it:
    my first payout
  • There’s actually more to celebrate around this than just my first payout; I already have enough cash in my business to have enough money to pay myself €1000/month until the end of the year. That is such a magical – and comforting – feeling!
    All of a sudden my business has gone from this semi-hobby project to something that can provide me an income. Now of course, €1000/month is not that much to make for a living: it’s about welfare level here in the Netherlands. But it does mean that I’m able to rent a little place and pay for my food. It is all I need to cover a minimal lifestyle that enables me to work fulltime on my business, even without the financial support of others.
    So empowering!
  • And a hooray for having my biggest solo launch yet, and the launch in which I experienced the most joy and inner peace!


2. August Intentions

All I will be focusing on, is bringing my course to completion. I want to continue doing this by creating from intention and my own inner wisdom.

Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • Do you know how to pay yourself with your business income? Make sure you can (maybe with the help of a bookkeeper or biz bestie), as it is so different to have money collecting dust in your business account, v.s. having money to spend on stuff you like!
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