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Income Report November 2018

November started with a big dream… and ended in quite a big disappointment. :/

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. November Check-in

Gross revenue: €7249,-

  • Self-love e-course full pay: €5772 (26 sales)
  • Self-love e-course payment plan: €1452 (6 sales)
  • Affirmation e-course: €25 (1 sale)

Expenses: €2169,02

  • VA: €452,54
  • ConvertKit (1 year subscription for up to 15.000 subscribers): €1183,-
  • Payment system: €14,48
  • Amazon AWS: €13,90
  • Bookkeeping system: €12,10
  • Background music for guided meditations (13 tracks): €444,-
  • Vimeo (yearly): €49,-

Audience Growth (by the end of the month)


  • 13146 Newsletter CH
  • 16479 Subscribers at CH Youtube
  • 4430 Facebookgroup members CH
  • 2758 Facebook Likes CH


Important going-ons

  • On the last day of October, my (ex?)boyfriend Daan received the news that his job had become redundant. He could stop working immediately and would be paid for two more months.
    We have always had the plan that at some point, Daan would come work in my company. This felt way too early as I was a bit scared about my own finances – let alone that I would be able to provide us both with an income through my business.

    But if you’ve read more of my posts, you might know that I’m a sucker for crazy and almost impossible plans.

    So we decided to live as if Daan was already working in my company, and create a launch this month to earn enough money for us both. It didn’t make sense, but the plan wasn’t build on sense. It was build on magic, manifestation and the feeling that maybe… this was meant to be?


    We did a lot of mindset and personal growth exercises. For me that was all about stepping into the leader I needed to be to work with a team and run a 6-figure business. For Daan it was about acknowledging his strength, growing his self-confidence and being the man who was able to support me in being that leader.

    There were days of inspiration, synchronisities and enthusiasm. The were days where one of us was scared. And days on which I felt let down by Daan and was very angry with him for letting me do too much by myself.

    It was an intense ride.

  • And then, cart close day came… and I ended up having my least financially successful launch of the whole year!
    I made less money than I would have needed to make if I was just running the business by myself…

    As I’m writing this post on December 2nd, I’m still recovering from it.

    I feel so confused that we didn’t even get close. I feel out of control, not understanding what I did wrong.

    And mostly, confused that it felt so intuitively right to take on this crazy plan – but it just left me overworked with little to show for it.


    I don’t know what to trust any more. The rational way of online marketing strategies doesn’t seem to increase my conversions (or fully explain my “failed” launches), but I don’t feel like I can trust my intuition either.

    Probably it will bring me an answer later, when I’ve come to acceptance with how the launch went. That how it often went in the past. But right now… I just feel lost.

  • In the week after my launch, I felt very stressed with a lot of little tasks that I still had to figure out and Did. Not. Want. To. Do.
    I didn’t like my company any more and the financial stress was terrible. I regretted all the new things I had added in my business earlier in the year (like working with a VA, joining Zach Spucklers mastermind and investing in a soul branding).

    Because they all felt like still so much work to make them work… and I craved less work SO MUCH. I want a break, I want to feel the freedom to never have to work if I don’t want to…

    But instead there’s my bank account with numbers that stress me out and make me feel obligated to keep launching again and again.

    It feels like a trap. My past to launches did less than I had anticipated, which makes me less motivated to work and more stressed, but because they did less I need to keep doing launches to bring in enough money to pay my rent.

    I miss the times in Freiburg, when Daan was able to pay our rent from his salary and I HAD the freedom to quit working for a month if I really chose to. In reality, I never quit for more than two weeks – but just knowing it would have been an option was SO valuable.

    I don’t know how it happened but my business had become so serious in the past half year. Like a job, instead of something I do out of joy and passion.

Goal reflection

My goal for the launch was to make at least €10.000 to pay for my own and the business’ expenses, and to earn enough to hire Daan I would have to get somewhere around €20.000.

Well as you know by now, all of that didn’t happen :( I got to a little over €7000.

(For those of you for whom that still sounds like a lot of money… Yes, of course it is! And at the same time, after taxes, expenses and my pretty insane rent of about €1300/month… there’s not that much left.)


Biggest Insights

  • I tend to always dream big and dive into things head first. That brought me really far and I love it about myself that I think in possibilities, but after this month… I think it’s time to explore a bit of the other attitude towards life: embracing the status quo.

    Maybe it would nurture me to focus a bit more on ‘enoughness’ and gratitude, rather then chasing yet another dream (/goal). At least I want to give it a try, because I’m feeling so exhausted from all the greatness and dreams and changes and striving.

    This will be a bit of a challenge for me though, because dreaming big and starting new projects comes so easily to me.

  • There were probably more insights during the month (mostly around my personal growth) but my mind is just not in a place of registering them right now. I’m more in a place of…confusion all-the-way.


  • Well, always an A for trying right :) I gave a lot for this launch and even though things didn’t work out… I’m glad I tried. Because otherwise, at some time, I would have started to say: ‘What if…?’

    Maybe I tried more than did me good the past months, but I followed my heart and that’s always worth something. (Now I just have to learn to do it without overworking and over-stretching myself)

    Plus, it brought a lot of personal growth for us, especially for Daan. He lives more from his power now and that’s helpful for both of us.

  • And even though my focus is more on the money I didn’t make… I am genuinely happy that I made it to €7000! My Gosh things would have been so much harder without that! It’s a tight budget for me the coming months, but at least it is enough to get by :)
  • I started my launch of with a 3-day meditation challenge, and people really loved it! I received so many thank you messages, that was wonderful :) I’m glad that I’ve got such an engaged and kind audience.
  • And meanwhile in my personal life… I completed 5 weeks of an optimally healthy diet I was following this month! 5 Weeks of insanely healthy foods!!!
    It is part of a 6-week experiment I’m doing after reading Eat to live. My diet consists mostly of vegetables, fruits and beans. Without any oil, salt or animal products.
    It was super-super-hard but I’ve only got 1 week left to go!
    My hope was that, after six weeks of adjusting and detoxing, I would be zen with keeping this diet. But I’m not fully there yet… I do hope however that this makes it possible for my food-addicted self to stick to a healthier diet the coming time then what I was eating when I started this whole experiment.
    Which should be quite possible as I was eating a LOT of pizza’s, chips and candy since September. :D
  • Also I really enjoyed a lot of forest walks this month! :)


2. December Intentions

Right now I’m not sure if I’ll be launching in December or if it will be early January. In either one of these months I’ll do a meditation sale, where people can purchase the mp3-files of my Youtube meditations.

Right now most of my intentions are based on my (neglected) personal life and restoring my balance:

  • Try to add as little new things/plans/projects etc. to my business and life as possible. Feel the enoughness and joy of what’s already here.

    (In practical terms: Write a gratitude list every day. Clean my house a lot and take the time to appreciate it’s beauty. Take time to enjoy myself with the things and people that are already in my life.)

  • Do yoga when I wake up every day.
  • Work from 10:00 to 15:00 (Monday to Friday). Be really focused, productive and organized when I work, and be really clear on not working (or thinking about work) when it’s my time off.
  • Hang out with my friends more than I did last month (at least 3 times).
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