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Income Report January 2019

After the difficult period I’d had in the second part of 2018, January almost felt like a salvation.

I had my best solo launch ever (money-wise and in terms of how much I enjoyed running the launch) and found the courage to start a new project I’ve been dreaming of for quite a while!

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. January Check-in

Gross revenue: €14.190,-

  • Meditation bundle 2017+2018 combi deal: €12.628 (164 sales)
  • Meditation bundle 2018: €990 (18 sales)
  • Meditation bundle 2017: €275 (5 sales)
  • Self-love e-course: €222 (1 sale)
  • Affirmation e-course: €25 (1 sale)
  • Donations: €50 (3 donations)

Expenses: TBA

  • VA: TBA
  • Payment system: TBA
  • Amazon AWS: TBA

Audience Growth (by the end of the month)


  • 13732 Newsletter CH
  • 18368 Subscribers at CH Youtube
  • 4717 Facebookgroup members CH
  • 2900 Facebook Likes CH


Important going-ons

  • I started the year out in a breeze. New Years Eve had brought me so much inspiration and inner peace, and the first days of my year felt very light. I was grounded in myself, I was moving with my flow and things just felt easy.
    At the beginning of the month, I launched a new product: I sold packages of my Youtube meditations as downloadable mp3’s. I was quite nervous at the start of the launch because I had never sold anything like that before and I didn’t know if it would be a total hit or a total miss.

    I also noticed that I still had a bit of ‘trauma’ left from my past two launches, that were quite a disappointment. I was so scared of being disappointed again, and of that feeling of hopelessness and not understanding why my business had broken down.

    But it hadn’t! My launch turned into an amazing success! :)


  • I promoted the packages with a 3-day meditation challenge. The theme of the challenge was greatly influenced by the healing I had been going through in December: Making peace with the struggles of 2018, to be able to live 2019 from your Inner Light.
    I did not do any surveys or validation with my audience, and when I was writing my emails to announce the challenge I was very scared that people would just not resonate (or even understand) what I meant with ‘light’ and the general idea of my challenge.

    It was so wonderful to notice that the theme actually really spoke to people! The Light Challenge was such a hit (2500 participants felt like a good sign-up rate, but mostly: the people who did participate seemed to get a lot out of it) that I decided to probably make the Light Challenge a yearly event.

    Just like my virtual summit; something that can grow better and bigger every year. I really enjoy running those ‘signature’ events in my business, and I also like the simplicity of being able to just repeat something instead of having to re-invent the wheel every new challenge.


  • But my Light Challenge was also a great gift to myself! Giving the challenge inspired me, but I also went through the challenge as a participant myself and found really profound healing.

    In one of the meditations, I met the Higher Self of my father. He gave me a kind of badge and said: ‘Here is my blessing. Please go create the work that you believe in.’

    I cried SO much when that happened! All these years I’ve had the feeling that my parents didn’t really like that I had become a spiritual teacher and entrepreneur, and on the background I always felt that I still had to prove to my father that I was actually okay and that my work mattered.

    It meant so much to hear him say that he was okay with me walking this path, even though his earthy self might not always understand it.

  • Because of all the inner stuff that happened with my challenge and healing processes, I felt the inspiration for what I actually want to do in 2019: Launch my Light Academy.
    The Light Academy is like all my courses (on the topics of intuition, self-love and inner strength) in one place, all to help people live from their True Self. (= also: Living from all the love, light, power, wisdom and all other good things that you are!)

    During the past few months I had been getting more and more nudges from my intuition to move my courses more into a ‘one stop shop’, but I was struggling with the details of it and very scared to take on such a big and bold new project. So I hadn’t taken any action on it yet, and was just planning to launch the academy ‘someday’.

    But being so connected to my own True Self again, I just knew this was what I had to do! This is what I want to do!

    And I didn’t want to wait/hold back any more. I wanted to create it NOW :)

Goal reflection

Because my last launches didn’t turn out so great, my expectations were really low this time. My minimum goal for the launch was €5000, and my second goal was €10.000. I hit them both! :)


Midway during the launch I started to dream of earning €15.000 this month because that amount of money would allow me to not have to do the virtual summit in April, but to spent my time creating and launching the Light Academy.

I’m SO happy that I actually got close enough! :D :D :D So it feels very scared to really take the leap… But I think I’m going to pros pone my virtual summit and focus on the academy instead!

Biggest Insights

  • I can’t really put it in words yet, but I learned a lot about launching from a more soulful and intuitive place. And it was really nice to see that that actually can also bring in results. That it’s okay to steer away a bit from the traditional marketing, and follow my own voice.

    That being said, I still feel a lot of fear and doubt around this. There is also a voice in my head going like: ‘What if it’s just coincidence? What if the meditation packages just sold themselves – despite your weird, self-centered woowoo marketing?’

    After all, my two previous launches were very intuitive and didn’t seem to work. But I’m willing to keep staying open to the possibility that maybe there’s another explanation for that, and that maybe soulful marketing IS the way for me. :)

    January snow

  • I think that that hidden need to prove myself to my parents, blocked me more than I realized. I subconsciously put a lot of pressure on myself, it was as if I wasn’t allowing myself to make any mistakes because ‘even when I’m perfect, it’s hard enough to show my parents that I’m okay.’
    I feel more free now. Free to make mistakes, and still be worthy.
  • Oh my God, I ran into so much boundary setting stuff this launch! I think it was all part of the healing process. I had so many emails and questions from people on which I had to answer with a ‘no’, and I really felt like a bitch doing it.

    But after practicing with it a 100 times, I think I did become more aware of my pleaser tendencies. Because even though it felt like a great step forward to be able to say no, I still felt the need to either say ‘sorry sorry sorry!’ all the time, or to justify why I said no.

    Instead of just saying ‘No, that’s not possible’ and feeling like it was okay for me to have decided not to offer a certain thing.


  • Wooooohooooo! I made enough money to 1) be able to take a break in my business if I feel burnout again (but ironically enough I feel less burn out now) and 2) to give myself some time to explore the academy and see if it can replace my course launches income.
  • And actually… pretty much everything I did this month felt like a success :O The healing, how intuitive I ran my launch, the Light Challenge, my income. Wow! :)
  • Oh and I went to an in-person entrepreneur meet-up this month, and it was really great! I had very low expectations, because in the past I was almost never able to find the contact with other entrepreneurs that I was looking for, only just that one time in Berlin with Julia and a friend of her.

    And I’m not sure how this meet-up group will be for me in the future (it’s a monthly thing), but I felt very welcome at this first meeting and liked the energy of the group. It made me very happy.

  • Ever since I started working fulltime in my business, my January’s had been really difficult months.

    In 2016, I was spending it looking for a house in Freiburg – really scared that I wouldn’t be able to find something in time. In 2017, I had my huge issue with the government and was scared that I wouldn’t even be able to register my business and that maybe I would have to close it down. In 2018, I heard that I had to move out of my house in Freiburg and was scared about not finding a new home in the Netherlands.

    I’m really grateful that this year, my January was not some kind of disaster I had to overcome but mostly a celebration :)


2. February Intentions

Continue creating/working on the Light Academy! And maybe launch it at the end of the month?

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