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Income Report December

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

Income report december 2016

1. December Check-in

Revenue: €259

  • My affirmation e-course (1 sale): €25
  • Inner joy e-course (1 sale): €77
  • Meditation bundles (1 sale): €37
  • Donation: €50
  • Affiliate earnings: €70

Expenses: €135

  • ConvertKit: €75
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €15
  • Song for my Youtube intro: €22
  • Greenscreen: €15
  • Webcam app: €8

Traffic Sources


  • 5767 3781 Visits at CH (-1986)
  • 111 Visits at LHC (+49)


  • 3158 Newsletter CH (-20)
  • 3030 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+222)
  • 466 Facebookgroup members CH (+76)
  • 689 Facebook Likes CH (+34)
  • 51 Pinterest followers CH (+1)
  • 37 Newsletter LHC (+0)

You might have noticed that since November, my list is pretty stagnant… The reason for this lies funny enough in the massive growth it had in October with the virtual summit I organized.

As always a certain percentage of people unsubscribe with every broadcast you send, you can figure that this means my unsubscribes went up as my list became 2x as big. Currently that amount equals about the amount of new people that subscribe every month (I think it’s around 200).


Important going-ons

  • I finally made public that Els and me are not running Commit Happiness together anymore, and that I will continue by myself. After two months, I feel relieved to be able to share this with my Commit Happiness community – it started to feel kinda strange that people didn’t know the major change.
    And it feels good, now. I did a lot more releasing and mourning this month, and now feel like I’m starting anew.
    I start to see how I’m able to implement new ideas faster, how I’m more in my own power and it felt great to be able to update the website to something that is more aligned with the place/success Commit Happiness is in now.
  • So yes, a lot of new things going on with the website. I updated the about page to something wáy better, inspired by Amy Porterfields’ podcast about About pages ;).
    I also decided to start a Youtube channel. Well, we already had one… but to start uploading videos with how to’s next to the meditations that I’m currently uploading. I’ve been doing a lot of fun&frustrating tests with a greenscreen, and feel pumped to start making videos in 2017! :) It feels like such an upgrade for my website.
    Greenscreen test
  • Along with that, I finally found the courage, motivation, importance and time to commit to doing weekly free content. Which means, uploading a meditation or video every Friday from now on. I’m really curious to see how this will effect my growth! (FYI before I uploaded a meditation about every two months…)
  • And lastly I started preparing for my upcoming launch for my inner wisdom course. I originally wanted to do an email only launch, but then realized that I really love doing webinars and that they convert much better as well, so now I’m going all-in for the launch


Goal reflection

Income goal: €200,-
I’m so glad I finally seemed to have reached the €200 monthly passive income mark :) Well sort-of passive, as I did talk about Leonie’s workbooks in the p.s. of my newsletter, which brought in the €70 affiliate income.

I thought I’d be having a hard time to earn “so little” again after the launch in November, but I’m actually doing quite okay, haha. Chances are my launches in January and February will make those €1000+ months again, and I feel quite confident (more confident than I’ve ever been at least…) that I will make a total year revenue of €10.000 in 2017.

Then on the other hand I do feel some fear… A resistance too. Screaming: Noooo… I never want to go back to that place where I barely earned anything!!


Create a new welcome video voor CH
I wrote the script for the video and am now working on it with my intern/best friend, who will make an animation around the video. I actually wanted to record a first version already to put it online (just without the animation), but now that I decided to work with greenscreen and natural daylight, I can only film it on a sunny day. Which…hasn’t happened for some time.

Update/redo the about page
Nailed it! :) It’s so much better now!! I made it more about them instead of us/me. I incorporated social proof and quite professional yet playful looking images. The only thing that I have to add in the near future is an opt-in form.

Do some other website maintenance
I almost finished all of these tasks as well :)

Fill out Leonie Dawsons’ Shining Year workbooks

My biz book is almost ready, the life version still needs some more attention… I had so many insights during this process! One of the biggest was the realization/message from my soul wisom that every stage of business has it’s own lessons to learn for me and I will always stay as long on that level as I need to find the lessons. So that means that if I want to go to the next level sooner, I should focus on opening myself to learn those lessons.

Upload at least two meditations to Youtube.
I did one… It wouldn’t have been that hard to upload a second one as I have still 10+ recorded meditations on my computer (meaning I only have to edit those and upload) but I got stuck because I didn’t know which opt-in to guide people to by the end of the meditation. They are all on themes I want to build salesfunnels for in the future, and as you’re not allowed to edit your videos on Youtube… I didn’t want to upload them now that I can’t guide people to the first step of that sales funnel.

I do realize that this is a massive block, and if I really want to upload weekly I have to find a way through this.


Create the space to start writing my book.
Oh my, I barely forgot! At the beginning of the month I decided to take 3 weeks of from Commit Happiness to write my book. Then after day 1 I got so blocked and frustrated I let go of that plan… It wasn’t easy, as I was quite hard on myself for yet again not sticking to my writing plans. And then when I developed a more loving attitude towards it, I completely forgot about it, distracted by my Youtube videos dream…

I really still want to write the book, and want to find some spare evenings in which I can make some progress. I’m stuck on not getting clear on the outline and chapters for my book. It’s really hard for me with this book, as it is non-fiction and fiction at the same time.

Biggest Insights

  • So the Youtube video thing was not planned and something that go kinda out of hand… As in, I had to prepare for my launch but just spend a full week (including Christmas, haha!) to experiment with filming and create an intro animation for my videos. What I learned from this was that joy can dissolve all resistance. I’ve been thinking about making video ever since I did a survey last summer and found out that my audience rather watches video than reading blogposts. But I was so scared it would be confusing for my Youtube channel which at the moment only features guided meditations. It was so strange to see that objection I had completely disappear when I WANTED to create videos. I was like, whatever, I will make this work because my heart says YES to this :D :D

  • Another great lesson that came from my video experiments, was confidence in my ability to move through (technical) difficulties. And it was quite a confidence boost too to see how fast I could get results. Greenscreening is quite an advanced technique, and I don’t have access to any fancy lightning or cameras – which doesn’t make it easier. But I kept moving through the failed experiments and obstacles, reminding myself that every technical issue is just like a feeling: it will pass. And they did!



  • I’m really glad I updated the website, and it also felt extra important because it came from such an energetic space. The virtual summit and my first moderately successful launch made me feel like I went to the next level in my business, and it was time for the website to reflect that. Removing my sisters input from the website was quite hard at first, but after I did it it was also quite empowering. Making place for myself to shine. It was a gesture to myself that said: Luz, I know you can do this by yourself too.
  • By the end of the month, I sent out a survey to my audience – mainly to figure out what I will do my upcoming weekly content about, and which opt-in offers to create. Looking back at the previous survey I did, I was amazed by how much I had actually already figured out about my audience! :) It was very motivating to be able to build on to that, instead of having to start from scratch. I will analyse the results probably in January, after my launch.

2. January Intentions

Didn’t yet find the motivation for a dreamboard again. But I did make a lovely dreamboard for 2017, that is reminding me to focus on self-love and self-care most of all, and just see what will be created and manifested from there.

My action-focused goals for this month:

  • Revise my inner wisdom course so it’s ready to go for the first round of students.
  • Launch the course (= doing two webinars and a series of emails).
  • Create 4 meditations for CH and upload them.
  • Publish a first version of the new welcome video.
  • Send out press releases about my next virtual summit to at least 3 magazines.

What is the income you want to make this month?

Doable launch goal: €770
Average launch goal: €1540
Dream launch goal: €3850

How could you get this number?

I expect the biggest chunk from my revenue to come from the launch for my new inner wisdom course. I’m going to take all the lessons and experience from my previous launches, and try a few tweaks to make it just a little better again.

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