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Income Report August 2017

August was pretty much more of what July was made of.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. August Check-in

Revenue: €129,-

  • Affirmation e-course: €75,- (3 sales)
  • Meditation bundles: €54,- (1 sales)

Expenses: €115,15

  • Bookkeeping service: €18,15
  • ConvertKit: €87
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €10,-
  • I also paid for ActiveCampaign but later got this refunded as I cancelled my subscription.

Traffic Sources


  • 6956 Visits at CH (-1699)


  • 6732 Newsletter CH (+118)
  • 6016 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+441)
  • 1631 Facebookgroup members CH (+83)
  • 1216 Facebook Likes CH (+55)


Important going-ons

  • August looked a lot like my July: I spent most of my time creating my inner wisdom course, and binge-watching Netflix to be able to cope with that heavy task. By the end of the month, my outline was done, the scripts written out and the meditations recorded. What is left is the recording of the video’s, and all the edit work. Plus the design of all the extra material like workbooks.
    I feel quite proud of what I’ve been able to create :) Man, it was an intense journey, but it was worth it!
  • In the meantime I held two live coaching calls for my self-love course students, who were suddenly so clearly almost twice my age… It was super scary to do live coaching and I felt awkward a lot. I loved helping my students and I loved when it was over.
  • During August I kept sinking more and more in the sweet feeling that I now run a successful business! It sure helped to pay myself another €1000 in income this month, which made all the money I’ve made in the past years so much more tangible than when it was just sitting there in my business bank account.
  • The weekly mastermind conversations I have with my friend Julia, started to become less the past few weeks. Then at some point she told me she would work less in her business and not really do mastermind calls any more. I really missed talking to her, and miss it in general to have entrepreneur friends whom I can talk to about the things I’m struggling with. So that part of our friendship getting more to the background, was a sad change for me.
  • The passive growth of my mailing list (mainly through my meditations on Youtube) was superlow this month. I hope it is because of the holidays, and that it will get back to normal in September…
    It also feels quite weird that I’m not even able to find out why my subscriptions have dropped. It feels a bit… inadequate. Such an important part of my business and I have no clue how to figure out what’s going on there.


Goal reflection

Focus on bringing my e-course further to completion
So yeah, like I said before: I was able to give a lot of attention to the creation of my course :)

Biggest Insights

  • I found it hard to deal with the disappointment of how much longer my course creation took than I expected. I initially had planned to launch it at the begining of September, but I kept pushing that date further into the future.
    I found some inner peace by deciding to first launch the course, and then afterwards edit all the course materials (week by week; this was possible as I dripped the course content.)



  • Finally getting the outline of my course ready (which I always find the hardest part of any course creation), sure felt like a great thing to finally accomplish!
  • In my personal life, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. I usually don’t really give much attention to these things as I find that the value or ‘success’ of a relationship is not determined by it’s length… But I usually tend to break up with studies, boyfriends and other things – pretty much everything but my company – after 3 years so I did want to celebrate a little this year. (Ironically enough we did break up a few weeks later… :’D)
    But this month we celebrated our love by doing something we had been wanting to do for a long time: do a fake wedding with our stuffed animals as audience and wedding officiant! Of course a wedding like that asked for a glitter crown on top of Daans’ suit ;)


2. September Intentions

Preparing to launch! :D My intention is to do a €10.000 launch. Which feels insanely high, but I want to set the intention, follow inspired action, and see how far I come.

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