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Income Report April 2018

This April was all about my virtual summit… And an unexpected coming out.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. April Check-in

Gross Revenue: €18.747,- (Holymoji! :o)

  • All Access Pass virtual summit: €17.288,- (265 sales)
  • All Access Pass 2017 summit (upsell): €1128,- (24 sales)
  • Inner joy e-course: €77,- (1 sale)
  • Affirmation e-course: €100,- (4 sales)
  • Youtube advertisement earnings: €154,-

Expenses: €3342,-

  • Affiliate pay-outs: €3077,-
  • ConvertKit plan upgrade (yearly): €143,-
  • Thank you gifts for volunteers: €41,-
  • Payment provider: €63,-
  • Amazon AWS (file hosting): €18,-

Audience Growth (by the end of the month)

  • 13090 Newsletter CH
  • 10995 Subscribers at CH Youtube
  • 3471 Facebookgroup members CH
  • 2142 Facebook Likes CH


Important going-ons

  • From the 8th till 18nd I ran my “Gelukkig van Binnenuit” (“Happy from within”) virtual summit. It was the third edition of the summit, about one year after my last one. Some of the biggest changes with last year:
    • I went live twice a day instead of once, so there were 21 workshops in total spread out over 11 days. This was so much more busy for me than I had anticipated!
      The first few days of the summit I was either working or sleeping. On the 4th day I started to get sick so I made some changes, which learned me a lot about prioritizing, letting go and making tough decisions. (See my insights section)


    • I worked with volunteers. This idea came to me last year, when I once again felt like the summit was great but waaaay too much work. Reallife festivals have volunteers, so I decided to see if it would work for a virtual one as well.
      I was quite afraid that no one would want to help me out, but after sending my request to the summit participants from last year, it was heartwarming to see more than 20 people apply.
      It was a great experience, and I was relieved that everyone actually showed up for their job and did them so well :) It was a bit weird though that I never got to meet them in person!
      Oh and maybe relevant to add: As a thank you/incentive for volunteering I promised everyone a free all access pass and a little present in their mailbox.
      Looking back, it would probably have been enough to offer them the all access pass. Or maybe a giftcard for Commit Happiness… But picking out the presents and sending it to everyone took so much more time and energy than I had thought.
    • Besides selling my all access pass, I also did an upsell: I offered everyone who bought the 2018 AAP, a €100,- discount on the AAP of 2017. More details on that below.
    • apr2018-3

  • On the closing ceremony of my summit I did something pretty outrageous: I shared my biggest secret.
    About a year ago, I started to receive messages from my intuition that – if I choose to – I would become a spiritual leader who would guide people in their transition to the new world – on a very, very big scale. Like, being the next Gandhi or Dalai Lama.

    At first I didn’t believe it myself and thought I was just dreaming too big. But the messages kept coming, and over time, it started to feel like the truth. I started to believe that it could be my possible future.

    But I never dared to share it with people, because I was (and am) so afraid that people would find it arrogant if I declare that I believe that I’m going to be THAT great.

    Since I moved back to the Netherlands, my intuition had been showing me how much I was holding myself back by not being open about this. That I was actually denying a much bigger part of myself than I thought It was.

    During the summit I went through a lot of inner processes… and the closing ceremony felt like an invitation to speak about my dream publicly for the first time.

    It felt very gently. Like I didn’t have to if I wasn’t ready, or if it was too scary. And up until an hour before the ceremony would start, I wasn’t certain if I would dare to share my message.

    But I did.


    It was scary, uncomfortable, and exhilirating. I’m so glad that the festival participants gave me a safe space to be vulnerable, and they all send me such loving messages.

    And it meant so much to me that my sister and one of my best friends (who were both listening live), said they supported me in this dream. I felt accepted.

    But the most important, most valuable thing that happened because of my ‘coming out of the closet’ as a spiritual leader… was the change it made happen inside me.

    I stepped into my power that day, and I saw my work amplify. It got better because I finally allowed myself to fully be me. I’ll let you know more in the coming months about how this all affects my business :)


  • And just one little last thing: After my summit I had planned to take a week of for holiday, but once again… I kinda failed at it. Daan came over to help me to work at my home, and making all the decisions around what my house had to look like and helping with the chores, really stressed me out.

Goal reflection

My goal for the summit was to make around €12.000, which would be enough to pay my rent until my next launch. I almost doubled that goal!! :D


And I had hoped that the virtual summit would grow my list to 13.000 people, which was a stretch but I made it happen! Part of that was because I invested so much in Facebook ads when there didn’t came in as much registrations through the speakers as I had hoped for.

It felt quite empowering to be able to still get to my goal that way, even though things weren’t working out as I had planned/hoped :)

Biggest Insights

  • Looking back I would have wished I invested more in the Facebook ads for the summit, maybe at least twice as much. But I also understand that in that moment I didn’t know if I would earn it back and spending around €1500 was already very scary.

    The most I had spent on Facebook ads until that point was €150!

  • I’m not sure if this is an insight… But what really confused me was that I had done so much to optimize my summit experience (work with volunteers, require speakers to promote etc.) and it was a BIG success…. but I didn’t feel content. I didn’t feel like doing it again next time. I just didn’t enjoy it enough.
    I feel very conflicted about whether or not I will host the summit again next year. It seems so logical; it has really gotten traction, I’ve made a name with it… It always brings in the most revenue…. And it helps SO many people.


    But what if I just don’t like doing it enough? Is it worth to throw all of those great things away just because I do not absolutely LOVE hosting summits? Can I just disappoint the thousands of people who are already looking forward to next years’ e-festival?

    On the other hand, who knows what I would be able to create if I didn’t spent so much time on my summit each year. What if I would be able to write my book instead? How much deeper would that help people?

    And isn’t my happiness the most important requirement for me to be able to create success and help others?

  • I don’t know the English word, but I made some sort of live-updating scoreboard for my summit revenue. At certain income goals I put down what that would mean: paying my rent, buying certain furniture. It made everything so much more fun!


  • OMG OMG OMG! I had my most abundant month ever, had my first €20.000+ launch and reached my 13.000nd subscriber.
  • And of course the whole summit is worth celebrating. I was overloaded with happy and sweet reactions from the participants, I think everyone liked it at least as much as the years before. For myself, every summit feels more successful. I get to experience how much I’ve grown since the last version, especially because I see myself relating differently to the speakers.
    On my first summit, I felt quite like a fraud towards them. On my second one, I almost felt equal. And this time I actually started to see myself more as a leader in my niche! I for the first time really felt like I deserved my spot as the host of the summit :)


  • As I mentioned above, I also sold the all access past from my 2017 summit with a €100,- discount. About 7,5% of the people who bought the 2018 ticket made use of that offer, bringing in an extra €1228,- in revenue. It took me not even 1 day of work to set this extra product op: from absolute start to finish, I maybe spend 6 hours on this offer. So I think these might have been the best-paying hours I’ve ever had in my business!

2. May Intentions

I honestly feel a bit confused around what my focus is for next month. I was planning on taking May to create a new version of my self-love course and then launch it at the end of June, but it feels a bit crammed and I’ve found it hard to work in the past few months since my move.

I have to get my GDPR stuff sorted, and I want to get more clarity about what I’m going to do with my June launch.


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