Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

Income Report April 2017

April looked quite a lot like March. I did the minimum of what I needed to do to prepare my summit and keep my company running, while focusing on enjoying life and working on my own growth.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. April Check-in

Revenue: €1260,84

  • Virtual summit all access pass: €1260,84 (27 sales)

On the pictures I took from eating out each week during April and May, I did not only use my revenue, but also my revenue minus potential affiliate payouts, as that makes such a big difference in how much money was actually available to me.

And please note that I didn’t pay out affiliates until June. So about half of my April + May revenue will go to my affiliates, but you don’t see that in my reports until the expenses section of June. Same goes for VAT (about 20% of all my revenue); as I pay it quarterly, I only put in in my income reports once every quarter.

Please be aware of this as it really means a lot of difference in profit with those shiny revenue numbers ;)


Expenses: €6429

  • VAT payment over Q1: €634
  • Business coaching/mastermind by Joanna Hennon (9 months): €2500
  • Laptop + accessories: about €3000
  • Studio lights: about €200
  • ConvertKit: €75
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €20,-

Traffic Sources


  • 8203 Visits at CH (+4157)


  • 4519 Newsletter CH (+1015)
  • 4251 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+310)
  • 615 Facebookgroup members CH (+44)
  • 815 Facebook Likes CH (+38)


And I stopped tracking my LHC numbers + My CH Pinterest account as nothing really happens there and I spent about 30-60 minutes each time just figuring out all these numbers for my income reports :”D

Important going-ons

  • My virtual summit was planned for May 7th, so I spent a lot of time in April preparing for it.
  • April was also the month in which my inner work went really deep and started to come to fruition, which has made an amazing difference in my work.
    Ever since I’ve started my company, I felt like an imposter. And until this month I used to be such a sufferer from the imposter syndrome that I never knew if I was having this syndrome, or that I just actually was an imposter.
    This month I dove deep into this topic with my coach Joanna Hennon. And just as I started to embrace that this would be a long journey with a lot of small steps, everything started to change for me! More and more layers of my ‘I’m not good enough’ feeling got peeled of. And day by day I felt more what I’ve always secretly felt inside: that I’m here to make a big impact with my work.
    One big step in this process has been to start sharing about my imposter syndrome publicly, and especially in Commit Happiness. I sent out a newsletter in which I shared all my doubts.
    That I’ve never had a proper education in personal development.
    That I’m not that sure if my products are really going to help someone.
    And that I have a hard time letting in some of the amazing compliments I’ve received, while the hateful comments easily feel like the truth.
    Just sending that email did so much for me! Because exactly by opening up about feeling like an imposter, I showed myself that I trust that I’m not. Because if I really was an imposter and shared that, my whole company would be pretty much dead very soon.
    It was an email that I HAD to send. And I was willing to see everyone unsubscribe because they didn’t want to follow an insecure, self-doubting kid.
    Funnily enough it are often these vulnerable emails that bring in the most heart-warming responses from people! I needed the willingness to see everyone go, and I feel like I only connected more with people. It’s actually quite common to feel like an imposter…


  • I spent a lot of time in March/April wondering if I should close my Facebook group. I had lost touch with why I started it and it didn’t seem to bring in much sales – while at the same time I was constantly feeling guilty because I didn’t spend enough time in it.
    I decided to give it one last shot and invested in Caitlin Bachers’ Fab FB Groups e-course. The course didn’t go as in depth as I liked and didn’t really cover how to attract more people to your group through Facebook, but it did give me the energy to change some things up.
    I created new daily prompts, a new layout for everything (this might not be that important for the people in the group, but for me this made a BIG difference in how proud and connected I felt about the group!) and… finally started working with a scheduling tool (Recur post) so I didn’t have to think about the daily prompts after setting them up once.
    This is such a game changer! And the biggest difference I think was that I stopped tagging new people in a welcome post. I was so scared to let this go because I thought it would hurt the engagement. Turned out my automatic, daily posts are much better (and easier!) for engagement.
    I started working on this in March/April but it took until the end of May before I really had everything set up. By that time the group had become so much more alive and gained a lot of new members through my summit, and now I feel happy to continue it.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 16.14.28

  • I had one last group coaching call planed for my self-love course students in April. And it was just as awkward as the one in March, with only 1 or 2 people showing up live… It felt hard to show up for it because it felt like a decision the Luz from January had made, not me.
    I think coaching calls are a great add-on for online courses, but maybe I better wait with offering them again until I’m sure at least +- 10 people show up… I also much more liked the model of the live round that I did with the inner wisdom course, where it’s a shorter period with more calls. It keeps people (and myself) more engaged. Now it just felt so random.


Goal reflection

I didn’t have so many goals this month

Arrange all affiliate materials for my virtual summit

Find a bookkeeper
Done! It feels so awesome and next-level :) And I was actually quite nervous about finding one as I didn’t really know what I was looking for and felt totally intimidated by these people who know all about numbers and taxes. But I feel quite good about the bookkeeping service I found :) It’s a sort of hybrid DIY/check-up thing so it actually costs way less than I had anticipated.

Biggest Insights

  • As said, this month was really about listening more to the messages from within. One day in April I wrote to myself:
    Can you imagine your e-course in her fullest potential? Can you envision someone joining your course and having the experience that it is absolutely TERRIFIC that she could enroll, feeling it is 100x worth the money she paid you, and being so incredibly grateful for the wonderful transformation you’ve given her?
    Create your course from that perspective. But you’re not so familair yet with this vision, so first practice with tuning into the vision. Try to imagine with as many detail and emotion as possible what it would look like. For you, for the course, for the student.
    When you get very familair with that vision, it will be easier for you to create your course from that place.


  • I had a major AHA-moment about integrity and selling. There’s this common idea that money can make you corrupt, and I was always very careful not to be ‘that kind of person’. But then I saw that I’ve never been out of integrity because I wanted to make money, but I WAS because I wanted to earn appreciation.
    Someone who didn’t buy my product felt like the evidence that my work was worthless (aka that I was worthless). How could I have been integer if that was my belief? I HAD to make the sale or my self-worth was in trouble. I can only be integer in my selling when I know that I will be okay, no matter if someone buys or not.



  • This may seem like a silly thing, but I’m really proud that I went to buy new glasses this month!
    One of the things that was holding me back in starting to record my Youtube videos, was that I didn’t really like my face on camera without my glasses. And with them, there was that anoying reflection which is impossible if you work with greenscreen (meaning my eyes disappearing once in a while, it does not look pretty xD)

    So I decided to take new glasses, and then I could remove the old ones from my current glasses and put these up for filming. But I hate shopping for new glasses as everything iniatially looks weird on my face and I don’t speak German very well and didn’t feel like going through all these things.
    So I procrastinated for 1,5 month :D
    The morning we would go shop for the glasses, I said to my boyfriend: “I wish I could get a helium balloon afterwards, just like I got when I got a surgery as a kid. In a unicorn or a butterfly shape or something.”
    Then when we went out of the shop that afternoon, there were people everywhere with helium balloons! Just normal balloon shape, but still. It appeared one of the stores was giving them away for free as a promotion, and I got the very last one that they had! :O Thank you Universe!
    Then my boyfriend bought me a bunny and I felt like a princess on her birthday.
    konijn met ballon
    That’s how we should reward ourselves for doing something scary :)
  • In April I really started to see the effect of all the inner work I had been doing around soul guidance and my imposter syndrome. One day I was looking through my Youtube channel and all my numbers and for the first time I could really feel: wow, it’s not the question IF I’m going to be successful with my company, but WHEN.
    The numbers had been there for quite some months, but never before could I really FEEL the success, letting it in so fully. While taking all my failures less personally.
  • I spent the entire month doubting whether or not I should buy a laptop, because I knew it would make me so much happier to be able to work in the park, the forest and my garden once in a while. But it was also quite a lot of money… I eventually did it and am so grateful for that decision, because today I’m writing this blogpost with the most beautiful view.
    working outside
    It is so nurturing for me that I gave myself this present :) And it connects me with that feeling of: this is why I’m doing all the difficult stuff. This is why I chose to be an entrepreneur.

2. May Intentions

My plan for May was not much else than: use all my time and energy to run my virtual summit. And take a week off afterwards to relax/recover.