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How Unconditional Love Can Help You Grow your Biz

It’s common online marketing knowledge: give, give, give before you ask for a sale. And I’m doing it. Sometimes with doubts, sometimes with a little resentment to be honest, and sometimes with joy and love. But it took me three little rabbits before I could understand this on a deeper level – which made the practice of giving, much more nurturing for my soul.

How Unconditional Love Can Help You Grow Your Business

A week ago I adopted three rabbits from a pet shelter. I’ve been a big fan of rabbits all my life, but my main reason to take the step of acutallu keeping rabbits, was because my inner child needed them. She kept asking about it and eventually I had to give in ;)

How unconditional love can help you grow your business! (A lesson I learned from three little rabbits)

Well… that was an optimistic undertaking… I somehow thought keeping rabbits meant: feed daily, clean weekly. Done! Ehm… It was already a lot of work to find a pet store in this new city, to decide what to feed them, to buy and build the cage. One of them needs a vaccination so it’s vet visit next week. And all day I’m carefully watching them to see if they are still okay and to prevent them from eating the wrong things like cardboard.

What had I done? It just felt like another project that needed a lot of my energy before I could get anything in return. Just like my businesses at the moment! I felt way to drained myself to start another thing that needs my energy!

What do rabbits teach us about our customers?

As you might have guessed, this whole rabbit project has quite some similarities with transforming your visitor (shy rabbit) into a buyer (cuddly rabbit!). Depending on their trust levels and past experiences, they are probably quite sceptic about what you have to offer them. You can’t just tell them why your product/cuddles will change their life for the better; they either don’t understand your language or they won’t believe you.

You can’t force them to cooperate with you. In a very sad mood, I chased one of my rabbits as long as it took to catch it and take it to my bed for a cuddle session so I wouldn’t have to feel so miserable. It felt a bit like the time I asked my list why they hadn’t bought my course, and two persons told me they felt pressured to buy.

It made me feel guilty and awkward.

My rabbit kept being scared the whole time, and catching her to put her back into the cage was just as unpleasant as the first time I catched her. I wish I could say sorry but I didn’t know how to. Just as I didn’t know how to explain my list that I didn’t want them to feel pressured.

The harsh truth is that it’s up for the rabbit to decide it wants to cuddle. And up to your visitor to decide to buy.

And at times that can be f*cking frustrating!

Deprived as I felt, I had to change perspective if I wanted to be able to take care of my rabbits + vistors and stay happy at the same time.

Love is the way!

There is another way to tame your rabbit.

My sister told me a story about a very ugly cat she once met. No one gave the cat any love, because it was diseased and people were scared it was contagious. It had lost a lot of hair which didn’t give the cat a very pleasant look. And besides that, it wasn’t a very friendly cat either, that sometimes tried to scratch people.

My sister was in a very loving mood, and realized that the cat probably behaved like that because it was treated so badly. So she sat down on a small distance from the cat and just started to send it love energetically. She kept telling it how pretty and perfect it was. And… after some time the cat just came to her and let itself get cuddled!


How can we nurture our audiences, without depriving ourselves?

Feeding my rabbits and sending freebies and blogposts to my audience, is of course already a form of sending love. But somehow this story changed my perspective on it. It feels more powerful to create a freebie if I consciously do it with the intention of sending love to my people.

And maybe it’s because of what Matt Kahn says:

When you send love to another being, you are also healing your own heart.

There is something so nurturing about just sitting down and telling my rabbits how much I love them – without doing it to get anything in return. And because it is so nurturing in itself, I can do it without needing them to return me something; I’m loving myself by loving them.

What if we create our newsletters, blogposts, and freebies from that kind of energy? That strong, loving intention?

Won’t it be much more easier, nurtering AND effecitve?

I can’t wait to try it out! Because as far as my rabbits concerned…it worked! They are already becoming less and less shy. Sometimes they even come sniff my fingers for a few seconds ;) And my own heart feels full again after all the love I’ve sent them.

Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • When are you giving to your tribe? Make a list of all the love you send.
  • Next time you send some love, try to really see it like that. You don't send a newsletter, you send unconditional love disguised as a newsletter. Tune into that perspective, that energy - and let your love take form from there. You might create a whole different kind of newsletter, and your heart might feel a lot happier afterwards.
  • If doing this lights up your heart, then also take some time to focus on and sink in this nurturing feeling even more - so that you are being nurtured as well!
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