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Check-in October

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
SR = Sex Revolutie
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO
LM = Light Millionaires project

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pay Flynn and my own adjustments.

check in october

1. October Check-in

Income Sources

• About €50,- from the Light Millionaires project.


• Vimeo account: €50,-
• Hosting costs: €2,70 for all my four websites + domains.

Traffic Sources


  • 927 Visits at Commit Happiness
  • 58 Visits at Sex Revolutie



  • 15 CH accounts (+15)
  • 320 Subsribers at CH Youtube (+40); Why is this less than last month? I have no idea!
  • 193 Likes CH (+9)
  • 26 Newsletter CH (+26)
  • 28 Newsletter e-course CH (+20); Launching works!
  • 16 Newsletter LHC (+16)
  • 41 Newsletter Sex (-1)
  • 65 Likes SR (+1)

Important going-ons

• The new Commit Happiness layout went online! That’s why I finally can report about newsletter and account subscriptions for CH! :)
• Life of a Hippie CEO got launched as well!

Goal reflection

Earn €500,-

I made €50,-.

At the beginning of the month I was quite focused on healing my money blocks, but I could have kept working on it with more focus the last part of the month. Maybe I should have actively visualized or made affirmations.

I did put a new meditation product online (which nobody bought so far) and did a lot of work for the LM, so I could have received the money although it was quite a high reach that needed a lot of work from the universe as well. We didn’t promote the meditation product on our Youtube channel yet, which might make a big difference in sales.

I could have done more for LHC, so that I could promote it and earn some affiliate commissions. The website had improved a lot this month, but I’m still lacking valuable blogposts.

Fucking finally be done with redesigning CH.
Did it! Although I could use some more clearance on all the improvements we still have to work on.

Have my first CH course ready for launching.
Nailed it! I do have to run some payments tests today, but I will launch tonight! :)

LHC up & running & promotable.
Life of a Hippie CEO did go online this month! But I feel hesitant tot promote it because I haven’t published so much on it yet. This month I should focus less on making the website itself, and more on the content.

Have 4 active business partners in the LM project.
I did manage to have 2-3 this month, but then one of them quit. So now I have 1 active business partner, and 1 soon-to-be partner. What could I have done differently? I could have put ALL my energy in telling more people about this and following up, but I didn’t feel like it. I’m letting go of this goal.

Biggest Insights

  • Ouh… that I should update this one along the way, cause I don’t remember it by the end of the month!
  • I had hoped to launch LHC with a BAM. But along the way decided to launch it before it was ready, which was the right thing to do. Because once it was online, I finally started making time to work on it.
  • Leonie Dawson put her Double Your Biz course in a daily task delivery. So every working day I get an e-mail with a task of what I should improve on my biz. I decided to apply all these things to Life of a Hippie CEO and it works wonders! I’m really implementing the theory :)


  • Launching Life of a Hippie CEO! Wohoo!
  • New Commit Happiness layout online!!
  • My first e-course ready to launch!
  • It is such a magical feeling to finally put an opt-in box on Commit Happiness and to see that without taking any effort, we get newsletter and account subscriptions! :) Apparently two years of blogging and Youtube meditations did pay off for visitors-out-of-nowhere, ’cause we never put much effort in promoting. Only some Facebook updates now and then.

2. November Intentions

What are your goals for this month?

When I checked in for Octobers goals, I realized my goals were way to vague. When was LHC promotable? Am I finished with redesigning, or should I also be finished with the improvements of the redesign? This month; measurable goals!

  • Earn € 500,-
  • Get Life of a hippie CEO promotable (I reach this goal if I do all the tasks for it listed below).
  • Prepare all my LM materials.
    (I don’t want to look for any new partners at the moment; read more about it in my hibernation article.)
  • Hibernate! = Bring current projects to a closure and prepare for the new stuff that’s coming. (Also broken down in my task list below.)

What is the income you want to make this month?

I decided to, despite my ‘failure’ last month, I still want to go for €500,- this month. I really need to get to that number to start building a decent living. My boyfriend and I are probably going to move to Berlin this month (it’s finally happening!) and he is willing to pay for a large part of my rent. But the coming months I really want to work towards an income with which I can sustain myself…

Also, I think this month it will be much easier to make €500,-, because today I’m launching my first e-course.

How could you get this number?

Selling 14 e-courses for the introduction prize of €37,- means making €518!
It’s the first course I launch so I have no idea how easy or hard 14 sales will be… but it doesn’t sound to crazy.

Sell custom-made meditations for €20,- each. 4 x €20 = €80
(I think we can’t product more than four a month.)
However I’m not going to put effort in selling them this month because I want to use my focus and time for everything that’s needed for my hibernation.

Again, I could try to *somehow* get two people to buy a Leonie Dawson membership trough my affiliate link, so I’ll receive $500 in commissions.

What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

  • Do the post-launch of my first e-course.
  • Make sure everything is automated for my e-course, so in the future it will sell without needing my attention.
  • Write a review of the Shinging Biz + Life Academy at LHC and insert affiliate link. (Just write something, you can always improve it later!)
  • Finish the colouring picture for LHC.
  • To get LHC promotable:
    • Write How to make your website stand out.
    • Record 1 to 3 sharing videos.
    • Finish writing my Light Millionaires story.
    • Put my projects on my about page.
    • Write 3 posts other than the ones above (preferably on e-courses since I’m already diving into that subject this month anyway.)
    • Keep working on the Double Your Biz 365.
  • Prepare posts for Commit Happiness.
    • Decide what my new e-course will be on.
    • Write 3 articles or meditations on that subject.
    • Rewrite my monster article.
  • Be very bold and brave an mail Leonie Dawson my joint venture proposal… :O This month I WILL do it!
  • Prepare my e-course course.
    • Revisit my ‘how to make an e-course’ document.
    • Search in Leonies mastermind for resources; where can I learn more? + work trough those resources.
    • Check out the Launch books that I got tipped on.
    • Sketch an outline for my course.
  • Revise LM documents
    • Send my team member the files, so he can check all the information for scientific evidence.
    • Rewrite all documents (I’ll save you the list of 10+ documents that I have to rewrite)
    • Create a file that redirects to different information sources.
    • Write a welcome-letter together with my sister.
    • Get rid of all the documents that aren’t necessary. Less is more Luz!
    • Check the user experience with the new folder and documents. Is everything covered? Are all the non-essentials left out?
  • Other actions required for my hibernation.
    • Listen to audio part 2, just to get it done.
    • Declutter Asana.
      • Ditch tasks that are no longer relevant.
      • Restructure so it’s more clear what needs to be worked on.
      • Decide which projects I need to review weekly to see if there’s work to be done.
      • Work trough the new layout project.
        • Do what needs to be improved now.
        • Plan in the ‘later’ stuff.
  • Declutter Workflowy
    • Ditch tasks that are no longer relevant. (Don’t hold back! Less is more!)
    • Restructure so it’s more clear what needs to be worked on.
  • Declutter my stuff.
    • Scan in + throw away 80% of my artwork.
    • Work trough all my fucking stuff and decide what can go to the second hand store. (+ combine with packing for moving)
    • Save files on old computer and bring it to the second hand store.
    • Put all my DVD’s on my hard disk and give them away.
    • Archive all my piles of paper.
    • Work trough my archives and see what documents I can toss.


How will you reward yourself when you get there?

The course profit I’m going to save up to buy a beautiful camera for my future videos. :)


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