Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

Check-in November

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
SR = Sex Revolutie
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO
LM = Light Millionaires project

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pay Flynn and my own adjustments.

check in november

1. November Check-in

Income Sources

  • €6,- from the Light Millionairs Project
  • €111,- from my first e-course (I sold three of them during the post-launch.)


  • Webinars that Convert course by Amy Porterfield: $997,-
    (While launching my first course, I realized that I knew way too little about launching and webinars, even though I had a business coach by my side. It’s time to take things to the next level with my next launch!)
  • Hosting costs: €2,70 for all my four websites + domains.

Traffic Sources


  • 1028 Visits at CH (+101)
  • 185 Visits at LHC
  • 33 Visits at SR (-25)



  • 44 CH accounts (+29)
  • 383 Subsribers at CH Youtube (+63)
    (I think this increased 1,5 times as much as last month because we uploaded three videos instead of one)
  • 201 Likes CH (+8)
  • 63 Newsletter CH (+37)
  • 34 Newsletter e-course CH (+6)
  • 21 Newsletter LHC (+5)
  • 42 Newsletter Sex (+1)
  • 64 Likes SR (-1)

Important going-ons

Goal reflection

Earn €500,-

I made €117,-.

Okay, so I got closer than last month… :’)

I had expected my e-course to sell much more, and when it didn’t, I felt demotivated to do the work to try to sell it more after the launching period. I had no idea about conversion rates… That it’s normal that just 1% of salespage visits converts into a buy. I had about 150 people visiting my salespage, and 3 people buying the course. Not that bad considered the conversion, but it disappointed the hell out of me.

So how will I move forward from this point? I’m not going to aim for a high income goal again, ’cause it will probably only demotivate me. I need some emotional care-taking instead…

For December I’m going to focus on list building, so when I launch a new course, or relaunch this one, my numbers will hopefully be a lot higher.

Get Life of a Hippie CEO promotable.
My website is in MUCH better shape than it was at the beginning of November, so that’s a win. I inserted a review of the Shining Biz + Life Academy, wrote How to make your website stand out (and got a lot of positive feedback on that one from the SBLA mastermind group! :D) and finally published my Light Millionaires story! Plus the usual sharing videos.

I also upgraded my SEO (still no idea what I’m doing actually!) and fixed some small things here and there.

There is however, still a lot of work to do. I got a huge peak in my visits when I shared my new article in the SBLA mastermind, and it was painful to notice that I wasn’t able to keep much of those. From about 100 visits, 3 people subscribed to my newsletter. What would that number have been if I had an awesome freebie with my sign-up form?


It’s painful to see a peak of 70 visitors one day, while soon after, my visits are back to 2 per day… However, noticing this motivated me to work on my freebie: Joyful Productivity.

Prepare all my LM materials.
Halfway November I decided to take a break from my Light Millionaires project, so I could focus on Commit Happiness and Life of a Hippie CEO. So, nothing happened for this goal and I think it was a difficult but valuable decision.

I’m going to stick with the hibernation till the end of 2015. I did get quite a lot finished (my house and taks lists are so much cleaner!) but I would like to complete more projects and lost tasks so I can have even more peace of mind.

Besides that, I will be focussing on list building. Closing project & list building, that’s what it is for December. By the end of December, or maybe the start of January, I’m going to ‘plan’ my year and decide on new projects to take on.

Biggest Insights

  • A conversion of 1% on a salespage is perfectly normal. I had completely underestimated how much effort it would cost to promote a course. I had no idea I needed way larger numbers, or an exceptionally high conversion. I’ve always heard that it’s important to build your list, now I learned it the hard way.


  • I launched my first e-course, and made my first 3 sales!
  • I fnished my detox :)

2. December Intentions

What are your goals for this month?

  • Have 215 Newsletter subscribers for Commit Happiness.
  • Have 210 Newsletter subscribers for Life of a Hippie CEO.

What is the income you want to make this month?

I’m not going to focus on money this month, so I can SuperFocus on list building.

How could you get this number?


What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

  • Work through Nathalie Lussiers List Building Challenge.
  • Add an extra opt-in form on CH.
  • Make a freebie to attract Youtube listeners to our mailing list.
  • Create secondary opt-ins for Commit Happiness.
  • Promote those posts on social media.
  • Send in a guest post.
  • Create my Joyful Productivity freebie for LHC.
  • Share my freebie in Facebook groups.
  • Interview people who’ve already built their list:
    • Post request in ABLA group (and maybe other FB-groups as well.)
    • Prepare questions.
    • Shedule interviews.
    • Post interviews

    Side note: I do these interviews to learn about list building ánd get exposure to other biz owners tribes at the same time – while also creating valuable content for my own visitors! Woaw, win win win.


How will you reward yourself when you get there?

I’m going to take a few days off :)


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