Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

#42 – The World Needs a New Kind of Marketing

In this sharing video I talk about:

  • How it’s getting more important to be fully in integrity with your marketing
  • What I think might be going on with the marketing of Denise Duffield Thompson (from Lucky Bitch)
  • Judgements and limiting beliefs around rich people
  • How I said YES to a big calling


Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • Try to be aware of where you are out of integrity with yourself in your marketing. Are all the messages you are sharing, truly you? This is hard to notice at the start, but when you are willing to be aware of this, in time you will get better at noticing when you are out of integrity.
  • Do you feel a calling to be part of the avant garde love revolution? Stick around here at Life of a Hippie CEO because I will be sharing a lot more about this and we can do it all together, supporting each other along the way :)