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Why I Decided To Become a Networking Marketer

What are all my reasons to dive into something like network marketing? Some of these are egoistic, some of them altruistic. As I said before I value them all the same, because this is what helps me doing something that will help me as much as it will help the world.

why I decided to become a networking marketer

I want to say yes to this adventure because of:

My companies and creative projects

I want to be able to hire people for my companies! All my projects are going at such a low pace because I have to work on them on my own or with volunteers. I would love to speed these processes up and to enlarge the impact I can make with my projects. Oh and how much I would love to delegate all the tasks I don’t like doing!

Light Millionaires

I believe in Light Millionaires and the ability to change the world by ‘creating’ them. I love building a team and seeing my friends become successful. I love coaching and inspiring. I love empowering people to make their dreams come true.

An urge to be the best

I love to improve. To find out how I can do this project even better than it’s being done at the moment, to be a better sponsor than anyone has ever been. (Haha, not that I’m saying I’m able to… but I love trying to get there!)

A longing for success

I want to do this because I want to see myself become successful. I’ve had enough of mediocrity, I’m ready for the next level and I think this can take me there. I don’t want to buy what I’m able to buy, I want to buy the things I want to sent energy towards. Like organic food and sustainable, good-quality products. I want to have the feeling that the whole world lays in front of my and I can freely and consciously choose where to go and what to do.

The adventure

…Because I just like to go on adventures! There is no limit to how big this can grow and that makes me feel ALIVE!

Founding a charity

I want to have enough money to make Sex Revolutie a non-profit. So I can take all the money that company makes (will make… somewhere in a future…), and donate it to charities who give aid to sexually abused woman.

My health

I’m curious what this can mean for my health. My whole life would be turned around if I’d finally get my energy back!

Personal growth

And for my personal growth. This is going to help me tell my story. It teaches me about marketing. About where you get your motivation from when everyone around you doesn’t agree with you. And men, does it teach me about ethics. Why does everything you do for someone else feel wrong as soon as you’re also gaining from it? How do I explain win-win to the world? …And to my feeling self?

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