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What if I’ll Stay Sick Forever?

what if I'll stay sick forever

Health issues

My network marketing journey started with a quick Facebook message of Robert, a friend of my sister. She had told him that I had a lot of health issues for the past half year: I lacked energy, was thirsty whole day no matter how much I drank and had a lot of other things that showed me my body was just not in balance. Doctors appointments and blood tests hadn’t brought me anything.

Robert told me he had done a special detox program that had helped him lose 18,5 kg in 7 weeks and that he felt more energetic and healthy than he had ever done before. And that maybe it could be of help for me too, so I could visit him in Amsterdam to learn more about it.

A new hope?

And I thought: ‘I really appreciate it that you take the time to tell me about this! But all the way to Amsterdam? Forget it, just sent me a website or something so I can check this out and order immediately if I want to. Or at least tell me your story through Skype. It probably isn’t for me anyway, and I don’t think a crash diet like that could possibly be healthy or of long-term benefit.’

So I was very annoyed when Robert sent me that it would be better to talk about it in person, didn’t reply to my request for a website and offered me two dates that he was available to talk about this at his place – about 3 hours travelling from my home.

More and more worries

I couldn’t find the motivation to turn around all my plans to travel to Amsterdam, so I let it be for a while. In the meantime the worries for my health were growing and growing.

I started to feel so uncomfortable in my own body. It was very scary to be confronted with how little control I had over something so precious. It just got sick and unhealthy heavy and tired and too hot and too cold and I couldn’t do anything. What if this would escalate further? I had weeks filled with doom scenarios and lot’s of crying.

In this period of my life I had just graduated – my whole life was great and it was all happening – if only these terrible health issues would go away.
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