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The wise man who looks within

the wise man who looks within

Halfway September, I decided to do the detox which makes use of the supplements of the Hippie Health Company. My sister was going to start on that date anyway and I had heard a lot of magical stories about it on the Starters day… so I felt a little bit more comfortable trying it.

So far, it has been one hell of a frustrating process.

My main reason to start the detox was getting more energy (/healing all the strange health issues I’ve been having for the past half year). Well, my energy is worse than before the detox. And of course – healing reactions and blabla. But it isn’t very motivating.

I’m not losing so much weight either. It wasn’t my main reason for starting and I still have mixed feelings about losing weight; I’m a great advocate of loving your body as it is. But now that I didn’t lose weight… it felt frustrating. Was the detox even working?

And men, what was it difficult these first weeks to eat so little food. No carbohydrates, no fats, only specific vegetables and just 500 calories a day.

It did trigger a lot of inner transformation processes, which was great. But I wanted to see some physical results as well.

Change from the inside

This evening, being in another frustration session with the detox, I accidently started to imagine Uncle Iroh talking to me. He’s a character from Avatar the last airbender; the wise uncle with great advice – and also a great appetite.

He told me: ‘If you really want something to change, you have to change from the inside, not on the outside. Changing from within takes much more time, but it will last much longer, maybe even a lifetime. If you change within yourself, then the change outside you will flow easily and naturally.’

‘But how do I change from the inside?’ I asked. ‘Changing from the outside seems so much easier. All I have to do is stop eating certain foods for a certain amount of time. That’s hard but I know what to do and I know I can do it. I wouldn’t know where to even start if I had to do it all inside me.’

‘As I said,’ uncle Iroh replied, ‘changing from within takes time. And it takes time to discover the path you have to take. Make sure you keep listening to yourself. Practice being open enough for your blocks to surface. Wait long enough for yourself to be ready to face them.

It is a good thing that you write your diary every day. That’s a way to practice facing what’s deep inside you.

Keep asking yourself: what am I afraid of? Why do I NOT want to change? Why do I NOT want this detox to be successful?’

‘I… I think I’m afraid I’ll have to give up my favourite foods forever. That if I make myself healthy this way, it means I should keep eating like this and I’d hate that. I don’t know if I can give up on unhealthy foods. But it’s not really a reason either, because I probably can still continue eating unhealthy foods once in a while.’

Sit with your fear

‘Stop,’ he gently interrupted me. ‘Don’t start fighting your fears and scare them away again. It’s not about how valid, reasonable or acceptable your fear is. Just sit with it. And again, take a lot of time to sit with it. Let your fears just be there, and see what it brings up if you hold this fear in your conscious mind long enough. Have an attitude of understanding; of course you are afraid of giving up tasty food. Who wouldn’t? Keep it in your conscious. Keep telling it it is okay to exist.

Really in a way, it is quite a lazy process to work from the inside. All you have to do is wait and be open…’

And this weird conversation that just started to happen in my head gives me a little bit more courage to keep continuing :)

I have to add one note though: I seriously don’t understand why all other people who did the detox didn’t get into this issue. Or maybe they unconsciously spent the last 10 years getting ready for this change to occur.

I must say there is that difference between people who say yes to the detox and the Hippie Health Company…and the people who don’t. And the first group just seems to be more ready to have miracles happening in their life.

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