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The Search Continues

the search continues

Doubt and indecisiveness are everywhere.

I decided to ditch my why, but sometimes it comes back again so I can’t even stick with my no-why. Sometimes I do want to do this Light Millionaires project because of the money, or because of personal growth. Not just with no guarantee if it’s ever going to bring me anything.

Other times I’m feeling so Zen because I’m not having a goal with this anymore.

I keep having unbearable bursts of jealousy. But I’ve also had really motivating calls with my sister, and she even offered me the money she receives because of my team.

At times I think: isn’t it time to admit this isn’t working for me?
When I feel very positive about my other companies, I start to wonder if it isn’t easier, faster and more fun to make money in that way than with network marketing.

A few friends told me that they didn’t want to do this project with me or not yet, and I didn’t feel any disappointment at all. Maybe even a little bit of relief. Which then triggers confusion again…

The help I’d wanted for so long

But then Bart called, and brought back some motivation which made feel like I should just hang on a little longer, just figure out how I can do this in a way that suites me. It seems like I can’t stay with quitting or continuing for even a day.

It meant a lot for me that Bart took so much time to coach me, and he even offered to do weekly coaching calls! Whoah, the help of an upliner I had been missing for so long in this project! Just when I’m no longer trying to get it…

And there was something so honest in Barts trust with the Hippie Health Company, that made me feel the trust again, too.

That made me realize that I don’t have to convince people or learn about all the scientific facts (which are often bringing more confusion than clearance). I can just stay very close to my own story, and only recommend this just because I think it’s worth recommending – no evidence given; just take it or leave it.

Where am I heading? I don’t understand a thing anymore about this project…

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