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The Art of Selling: Convincing or Informing?

the art of selling

At the beginning of September, I organized a meeting at my home to tell a lot of friends about my Light Millionaires project. My sister would come to Groningen to do the talk for me. I was very excited about the evening, hoping to get three people to sign up. None did. But two of my friends were quite enthusiastic and just needed a little bit more information and time to think before making a decision, and my boyfriend appeared to be moderately interested.

Although I had a nice evening with friends, I felt very drained by the end of the evening. Was I disappointed that nobody signed up? Was I tired of defending something over and over again? Was it too hard to have so many scepticism around me while I just signed up for the supplements without really even thinking about what could be wrong with them? I don’t know.

Informing instead of convincing & defending

What I do know is that I gradually started to learn that it isn’t my job to convince people, it is my job to give them enough information so they can make a decision that is right for them. What a relief, and what a hard thing to accept. My enthusiasm made it hard for me not to want to drag all of my friends into this.

How to handle objections

And how do you inform people without sounding salesy? I find it so difficult that when someone offers an objection which I know isn’t true. Telling them my perspective immediately feels like starting a discussion, but leaving them uninformed also doesn’t feel good…

Someone from my upline told me that the best way to handle it, is to ask genuine questions. Say someone doesn’t want to use the supplements because they’re not natural – I disagree on it because they are made from natural, organic fruits and vegetables, but telling them so would only start a discussion. Instead I could ask: ‘What does natural mean to you? What does a product need for you to perceive it as natural?’

Another way to react to it would be to say: ‘What if these supplements would feel natural to you. Would you be interested in that case? What do you like about the project in that case?’ This helps to keep the conversation going, informs you about their why, and if the person would still not be interested you at least know it would be a waste of time to try to explain them why it actually is natural.

But I have to add… putting these reactions into practice takes a lot more than just knowing what to do. It’s practicing again and again.

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Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • What is your style of selling? List 3 things you can do to make it more about informing instead of convincing.
  • Where in your business do you encounter objections from potential buyers?
  • How can you improve this area of your business with what I wrote about handling objections?
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