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My September Mooncycle 2019 (Income Report)

Update! As I’ve started to embrace cyclical living, I will now do my monthly check-ins and income tracking per circle instead of per month.

I will name the circle after the month that the start/new moon of that cycle falls in.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. September Check-in

Gross revenue: €1655

The biggest part of this revenue came from my 29 academy members who are on a payment plan. The rest are 8 sales of courses that I have on my website and don’t actively promote.

Net income I paid myself: €2500

Audience Growth (by the end of this cycle on September 28th)


  • 15.758 Newsletter subscribers CH
  • 25.300 Subscribers at CH Youtube
  • 5463 Facebookgroup members CH
  • 3357 Facebook Likes CH


What did I work on? What was happening?

What a messy cycle this was.

I feel like I lost track of the cyclical living quite a bit, and that this wasn’t really an upward cycle because of that.

Life was very messy, starting with a week full of zoom calls with the speakers of my summit, which lead right into my (devinely inspired) website redesign rollercoaster, followed by a co-working holiday that ended up being more of an exhausting (but fun) trip than a restorative holiday.


I also fell off the wagon regarding my diet and exercise. But it was great that, in giving myself the freedom to eat all the sugary things that I wanted to, I actually didn’t enjoy them that much. I still have a sugar addiction to be weary of, but I also look forward every day to going back to healthy eating.

I do hope I will be more successful at that next cycle though :’D

By the last week of this cycle, I felt like all the disconnect with my True Self and the femenine energy started to take a more heavy toll.

My relationship went a bit dull instead of the head-over-heels in love from last cycle.

I had a hard time moving forward with my tasks.

A lot of little shitty things happened, like a speaker cancelling last minute and some hickups with me and my team. And I did not feel like I had the energy for all of that.


I am still superconfused about team management. Sometimes I wonder if I have the right people on my team, then I wonder if I’m a horrible boss, and other times I try to figure out how I learn this whole team management thing – which is a whole new skill on itself.

I barely got to working on the academy, but I was able to finish some things up so we could still release some new material.

What did I complete?

Photo shoot for my new website design, I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out!

Sketch/general concept for website design (It felt like an absolute miracle how easy those ideas came to me)


Line-up and orientation calls with the virtual summit speakers

The academy course main modules about your Powerful Self

Sent an email to my academy members to check in with them

Finally finally I finished up the post-production of healingTV season 3 part 1 for my academy

Created a guided meditation for my Youtube channel

Decided on the broadcasting software for my summit

What did I make progress with?

Creating the homepage of my new website, which was really fun and inspired :D

Dialed in my new computer more. I finally had my Google Drive properly installed and although small, it saves so much annoying hustle while creating my content!

Getting my terms & conditions in order (finally…)

Working with Slack (which I soon came to regret, what a mess is that software!)


Found someone who might be able to help me with project and team management

And found someone who can probably take over from my VA during the time that she is in the hospital. (That my VA needs surgery is sad enough of itself, but it also happens to be exactly the time that my virtual summit takes place! #stinks)

Creating the new design for my virtual summit

Recorded 2 new episodes for HealingTV season 4

What still needs attention?

I feel that it’s mostly time to return back to the basics and make sure that I come back to my cyclical living and health rituals.

I need to get clear with my potential VA stand-in to see if I can fully count on her the coming time.

And I definitely need to finish the design of my summit soon, so all is set for the VA to build out the images and pages.

Insights, Lessons & Personal Growth

I feel that creating the new website design, and portraying myself in a different way, was a growth process in itself. I became a new Luz who owns her value and power more. Woaw!


I also feel that I got a bit off track with working on projects until completion: I got back to my old habit of stopping around the time that the project moves into culmination (the rounding up phase). And I can notice how messy that leaves things; then there are so many little pieces to take with me into the next cycle. Instead of being able to let it rest.

And although I’m still completely clueless about it, I do feel that I also made progress with learning/embracing team management and healing my own issues with it. The whole “I’m not supported theme” that comes up a lot in my healing work.

Celebrations & Gratitude

I reached 25.000 Youtube subscribers! :D I’m really happy with reaching that milestone, and it also means that I now have more followers on Youtube, than there are people living in the village that I grew up in. Somehow that makes it so fancy, as I can really picture the scale of that amount of people!


It was both fun and exhausting, but I’m really grateful that my boyfriend, my sister and I could go on holiday to the Efteling! It is a fairytale themed amusement parc here in the Netherlands, and doing a holiday like that has been a wish of mine for 5 years or so. And I was able to pay for all three of us with the money I made in my business!

I went to the entrepreneur meetup that my bizbestie organized. It didn’t bring the kind of conversations I’d been hoping for, but it was fun and made me hopeful that more of these events are popping up.

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