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It’s not about your First Line. It’s about YOU.

its not about your first line its about you

I’m reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and I get stuck halfway page 38. There’s already so much to process that I just can’t continue reading. And it’s a bit vague yet what the lessons are…but men do I feel like something is happening inside!

And I know it is related to my network marketing journey as well. I don’t understand a thing anymore about why I am doing this adventure and it is so different from what I thought it would be like… but again there’s that strong feeling that this is something I need to hang on to a little longer. If only for the personal growth it will bring me.

Even at moments that money is my strongest why, It’s no longer the point if I get rich with network marketing. The building of my character that this journey brings, will – sooner or later – get me rich in some area of my life.

How do you react when life fools around with you?

In the first chapter of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki speaks of how most people react to life fooling around with them (something which life does to teach you lessons, according to Kiyosaki).

When shit happens, the majority of people blame others, quit and/or settle for less than what they actually want.

And I know that sometimes… I’m like that too.

I’ve read before about taking responsibility. I know a lot on how it will not help you. And that made me take a lot of action. But when times get tough, really tough, I am still behaving like what Kiyosaki described. And I tell myself: ‘Taking responsibility? But I did! I did everything I could and still it doesn’t work out!’ And I start blaming and fighting or considering quitting.

And I guess at these times it is important to acknowledge myself. To acknowledge that I tried really hard and went out of my comfort zone and maybe even did everything I could do while honouring my need for self-care as well. And that that’s really awesome and something to be proud at! It’s something my feeling self or inner child needs at these points. And all the acknowledgement for the pain it brings that I tried so-fucking-frickin’ hard, and still didn’t get any results.

It’s time to take responsibility again

But I guess… I shouldn’t stay stuck in that phase. There has to come a morning where I am feeling replenished again and have the power to say: I take up my responsibility.

“When you think that someone else is the problem,” Kiyosaki says, “you have to change them. When you realize that you are the problem, you can change yourself – learn something and become wiser. Most people only want everyone else to change, but not themselves. And I can tell you this: it is easier to change yourself, then everyone around you.”

It’s November. It’s Hibernation Month. It’s time to take a look at myself and ask: what can I change in myself to make this work for me?

I am the centre of my organization

Right now I’m getting clarity on a vague feeling I’ve been having the past days. A feeling that I am becoming the centre of my team, instead of my team mates – whom I was focused on much more the past months. Who will make me rich? Where will I find the right team members? How can I teach people to be successful in this?

No! I have to realize I am the one who will make me rich. I am the right, first team member for me. I have to teach MYSELF how to be successful in this…

This shifting of focus from my first line to myself, that’s the transformation I’m here for this month. Please Life, fool around with me. Bring me what I need to learn this, in whatever way. Because only when I am the center of my team, I can grow a team where everyone is the center of theirs. And that is what will make it strong.

And a little voice inside goes like: ‘Uh-ooh. Last time you said that to the universe, all the bad stuff happened.’

But I know that the perception of it as ‘bad’ will only be temporary. Bring it on.

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