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Income Report May 2017

May was the big month of my virtual summit, creating a lot of change and rapid growth in Commit Happiness :) And taking a lot of my energy and focus as well…

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. May Check-in

Revenue: €10.173,-

  • Virtual summit all access pass: €10.017,- (161 sales)
  • Inner joy e-course: €77,- (1 sale)
  • Meditation bundle: €54,- (1 sale)
  • Affirmation e-course: €25,- (1 sale)

On the pictures I took from eating out each week during April and May, I did not use my revenue, but my revenue minus affiliate payouts, as that makes such a big difference in how much money was actually available to me.

And please note that I didn’t pay out affiliates until June. So about half of my April + May revenue will go to my affiliates, but you don’t see that in my reports until the expenses section of June. Same goes for VAT (about 20% of all my revenue); as I pay it quarterly, I only put in in my income reports once every quarter.

Please be aware of this as it really means a lot of difference in profit with those shiny revenue numbers ;)


Expenses: €1310,15

  • Deadline funnel (one year): €357
  • Bookkeeping service: €18,15
  • Sacred Money Archetypes e-course: €650
  • Travel expenses: €170
  • ConvertKit: €75
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €40,-

Traffic Sources


  • 20894 Visits at CH (+12691)


  • 6209 Newsletter CH (+1690)
  • 4903 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+652)
  • 1039 Facebookgroup members CH (+424)
  • 970 Facebook Likes CH (+155)


All this big increases in numbers are because of my virtual summit :)

Important going-ons

  • So yes, my summit. It was such a big project with so many different feelings, pro’s and cons… that I find it hard to summarize what it was like for me.
    I’m very glad I did it, definitely. I made more than €10.000 in revenue (incredible!) and grew my list from 3700 to 6200. And I know from last time that these are quality, engaged and loving people :)
    But I must add that I had actually hoped to grow my list to 7000-10.000! Which felt doable considering how many famous affiliates I had.
    This 2nd edition felt much more powerful than my first one about half a year ago, for a big part thanks to my connection with the spirit of the summit and my own inner strength journey. I felt more connected to the audience and loved the interaction. And working every evening for 14 days actually was less daunting than I thought it would be.
    But it was a lot of work, and especially afterwards I felt like time had flown by just because I never got the time to look back at things. If I’m going to do a next virtual summit I either want to work with a team, or volunteers. Because 3 months of focusing on my summit took it’s toll on the rest of Commit Happiness.

  • And there was one thing that I found most difficult about the summit: the big majority of speakers that had told me they would promote, didn’t.
    This is what happened last time as well, leaving me with quite a lot of disappointment and even resentment at times. But it also showed me I need to work on speaking up for myself. Because every time this happens, I find myself unable to communicate to the speaker how things feel for me and what I would prefer them to do.
    Especially this time, as there was no obligation to promote.
    But I know now how it feels for me if so many people with big lists end up not promoting while I count on it, so if I’m going to do a next summit I will again make it required to promote. It feels more equal to me, as I give them a lot of visibility to a really large audience. Probably more so than on most summits.
    Marketing guru’s are always shouting that it’s unpolite to require people to promote the summit, and it’s the reason why I didn’t ask that this time.
    But they can say what they want… I found my truth: I only want speakers who are willing to share the word about my event. My ideal summit is a co-creation and I’m done with being the person who pulls the most weight.
    And if I require promotion, I at least feel in my right when I remind speakers to send out their email! I think that’s the most important part, because it felt horrible keeping this to myself. Because it felt like an integrity breach, and because I left myself/my needs in the cold.
    It feels so mixed, having a list of 6200 now. It’s such a big difference with pre-summit and they are amazing people, and on the other hand it was SO MUCH work. The most difficult in this felt that I had already done the work, and if the people who promised to mail would have actually done so, I would have easily hit my goal of 7000-10.000 without it taking any extra effort from my side.
  • I wrote a post about this issue in a virtual summit group, and discovered that quite some people feel the same. One guy wrote me that he just focused on getting amazing, famous speakers for his summit and for the promotion relied on Facebook ads.
    “I rather work with something that I can count on,” he said. And he also told me that his ads were way cheaper than the affiliate payouts.
    And there it was born: the first tiny crack in my “I can never use FB ads” belief.
    I’ve always resisted them. I didn’t think too much about it because until this month I didn’t have the money (and trust in my conversions) to spend on ads, but it was deeper than that. I don’t really like Facebook as an organization and don’t feel comfortable spending money with them.
    But I’m opening up to the possibility, and actually expect myself to be experimenting with Facebook ads in a few months to a year.
    What if it could be like what I did with the government? I initially didn’t like giving them money either, but now I trust that the intention I send the money with can make the difference. Then that would also work with the money I send Facebook. To that they may become a very conscious, heart-centered and planet protecting company that uses its power in the highest interest of the collective :)


Goal reflection

My focus was to just run the summit, so I wasn’t actively focusing on goals.

Biggest Insights

  • I wrote to myself: Luz, never forget that your audience wants to know that they are just like you. Maybe less far on the journey, but still on the same journey. They want to know you’ve walked the same path. Show your expertise, and also show your humble, perfectly flawed humanity.
  • By the end of my summit I was so tired one evening that I didn’t know how to get through the interview of that night. So I decided to drink coffee.
    Which I never do.
    And one cup was waaay to much because after a few minutes I felt like I was on drugs! A bit freaked out that I had to go live in 20 minutes and I couldn’t talk normal :’D
    I managed, forgot about the coffee… but then when I lay in bed that night and looked at the glow in the dark stars on my boyfriends’ ceiling… I felt so ALIVE.
    And I accessed a special kind of energy. As if I was the Luz I’m ready to become. A strong, loving and wise business woman & change maker.
    I created a Pinterest board where I pinned images that feel like her energy, to grab her and make her more real. I spent until 3 at night collecting everything that she was.
    She knows her worth much more than I do. She always feels abundant and gives much more priority to self-care. She follows her intuition and flows with life.
    I’m not making her up. It is as if she’s entering me, slowly. And once in a while I have these bursts of inspiration about who she is and how she acts. This is what I wrote in one of them:
    “She knows that freedom is the fertile soul of her work and success. Invaluable.
    She feels her wholeness. She knows she has something incredibly valuable to give this world, and it has to come from deep inside her. She knows she has to find the willingness to be laughed at, to be ridiculed and judged, because without that she can’t bee free to follow her own path.
    She knows that her growth, wellness and freedom go before anything.
    With the bigger picture so strong in mind it’s easier to look her fears right in the eye. She knows she has to fight for what really matters. For what her company and the world need: Her. At her best.”

    inner guidance
    And another one:
    She goes out of her way to take care of herself. Self-care is non-negotiable. Everything to make you feel good sweet Luz.
    She doesn’t make decisions, she feels into them. She always, and without guilt or a need to justify herself, chooses what makes me feel good.
    Everything she does is EXPANSIVE.
    A sight that breaths through her. She is flow because it’s the natural movement of life.
    She is like the wind.
    She doesn’t think of money as a finite source. She doesnt think ‘If I spend it on this, I cant spend it elsewhere.’ She IS abundance. She can’t not be abundant, it’s just not a frequency she can be. She only needs to breath and money flows to her.



  • I made €12.000 with my summit all access pass! Now I have to keep saying that a big part of that goes to VAT and affiliates, but still! A first 5-figure launch!! I felt so incredibly abundant during my summit, and so next level :) Gratitude!
    This is how we celebrated on the closing evening of the summit:

    summit end

  • I grew my list to 6200!! :D
  • And to be honest, completing the summit felt like a big celebration too! I’ve been working towards this for half a year, and am looking forward to finally NOT thinking about inviting speakers and pitching magazines…

And as you might know, I love celebrating the same thing over and over again!
So my boyfriend and I went to a theme park to celebrate the completion of the summit. As it’s called ‘Europapark’ it is devided in a lot of different European (and fantasy) countries, and our goal was to make a photo in every country.

We also made an entire bucketlist which was really fun :) It included things like the selfie-in-every-country, picking an attraction by blindly pointing on the map, finding a unicorn and buying a silly souvenir. We completed almost all of them!


2. June Intentions

My action-focused goals for this month:

  • Finish up all things related to the virtual summit
  • Decide what project I’m going to focus on next

What is the income you want to make this month?

Maybe I should let go of this question, as I’m not planning my income monthly any more. I again reached my yearly goal already haha, so I’m going for a total revenue of €20.000 in 2017 now. And the big big majority of that will come through my launches.

How could you get this number?



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