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Income Report June 2017

June was like a big sight after the busyness of my virtual summit. I went to see my business buddy in Berlin, took some time to relax and worked on quite a lot of different projects.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

1. June Check-in

Revenue: €770,-

  • Self-love e-course: €745,- (5 sales)
  • Affirmation e-course: €25,- (1 sale)

Expenses: €4206,15

  • Affiliate payouts virtual summit: €4091
  • Bookkeeping service: €18,15
  • ConvertKit: €87
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €10,-

Traffic Sources


  • 8269 Visits at CH (-12625)


  • 6396 Newsletter CH (+187)
  • 5187 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+284)
  • 1444 Facebookgroup members CH (+405)
  • 1091 Facebook Likes CH (+121)


Important going-ons

  • At the beginning of June I was visiting Julia (my mastermind friend) in Berlin, to connect with her and meet other entrepreneurs. It was such an intense week that made me rethink my whole life! I felt very inspired by her healthy lifestyle and the self-loving way in which Julia and her boyfriend practice this.
    Then on Thursday I met an entrepreneur friend of her and when we were having conversations with the four of us, I felt SO incredibly alive. It was like I finally found my kind of people, which is a feeling that I haven’t felt in years. And my fainting dream to live in Berlin got completely rekindled.
    The week when I came home from Berlin, was one of the best this year. It was like I was my best self almost every moment of the day. I effortlessly continued eating healthy (which felt insane because until that point I had a major sugar addiction), I felt bright and energetic the entire day – I even worked in the evenings because I still had so much energy left! And I’m NOT an evening person at all.
    My work went easily, in flow… I felt connected to my intuition, to my self, to my work… It was crazy!
    During the rest of the month all of this faded a bit, but I’m still eating 99% sugar-free. And I hope I can find back the connection to those visions I had been having about the New me. It feels like I lost some momentum with it and I long to connect back to it.
  • I ran a small affiliate promotion for Denise’s new Sacred Money Archetypes course. I had enrolled in the course in May because it resonated with me SO MUCH and I also felt an intuitive urge to share it with my audience. I had hoped for 1 or 2 little sales that would bring in about $1000 for me.
    Sacred Money Archetypes
    Well, this almost felt like my most failed launch ever!! I had 1000 people opt-in for the archetypes quiz, and ZERO of them bought the course.
    This gave me some emotional stuff and insecurities to deal with, but it wasn’t half as devastating as the times when my own products didn’t sell. It all happened in a week that was very emotional for me anyway though, with a lot of issues in my relationship. There was a special kind of energy in this time and I think there were things that needed releasing. All for a higher good, but it was not easy at the time for sure.
    One upside to this; during her launch Denise mentioned that she had an email list of 96.000. And I thought: wow, without me, she would have said: 95.000. It felt so influential that I/my audience had made a noticeable impact on a person as famous as Denise!
  • Then in the second part of June I updated my self-love challenge (the funnel towards my self-love e-course) and decided to launch it with a live round of the challenge. More on how that went in my July report :)


Goal reflection

Finish up all things related to the virtual summit
Oh, I always forget the “cleaning up” part after a launch! I forget to redirect my opt-in pages, create different copy, etc. I only managed to do the most important part: pay out the affiliate earnings to my speakers.

Decide what project I’m going to focus on next
This was tough for me at first, but after tuning in to my intuition/successful future me, I felt very drawn to the Youtube videos. So I spent one week creating 3 of those, then went going back and forth between preparing for my self-love challenge re-vamping and the creating a new version of my inner wisdom e-course.

Biggest Insights

  • In my work, I got confronted with my past failures a lot this month. I already told you about Denise’s launch. But then this month I also started working on the new version of my inner wisdom course, bringing up the insecurities of how the first vision hadn’t been such a rocking success to say the least. The same happened when I started working on my self-love challenge, as it was my worst launch when I first launched that challenge a year ago, almost making me quit my business.
    It was a challenge for me to keep coming back to the fact that I’m a different person than I was 6 or 12 months ago. And feel the trust again that because I’m different, what I create and what results it will give will be different too.
  • I met the spirits of both my self-love course and my inner wisdom course! It was wonderful to be able to collaborate with the course spirit on the new self-love challenge.




  • Wow so many magical numbers this month! I was very glad that over 1000 people signed up for my self-love challenge: 1250 in total!! Then I also hit 1000 Facebook likes (finally haha), 5000 Youtube subscribers and saw waaay more growth in my Facebook group than I had anticipated for this month.
  • And the biggest celebration was actually in my personal life. I’m so amazed that I started eating healthier! So effortless, after years and years of trying.
  • Plus a quick celebration note on the fact that I FINALLY PUBLISHED MY FIRST HOW-TO VIDEO on Youtube!


2. July Intentions

This month, I want to create a sacred sanctuary in myself and my life for the creation of my inner wisdom course. I want to re-connect with the vision of the New me, and spend time in her energy as much as possible. In my personal life I want to do the same for my relationship.

At the beginning of June I felt so much spirit for how all these things (me, my work, my relationship, my home) were ready for a change. And I feel like I lost contact with that. But it’s way too important to let it all slip away… So this is my biggest priority this month. Getting back to the new energy, and integrating her in my life in the parts where it’s ready to do so.

My action-focused goals for this month:

  • Start every working day with a soul session/tuning in
  • Connect with the vision of the New me every working day
  • Switch from Convertkit to ActiveCampaign
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