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Income Report July 2016

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pat Flynn and my own adjustments.

Income report + monthly check-in July 2016

1. July Check-in

Revenue: €58,10

  • My affirmation e-course (2 sales): €50,-
  • Affiliate earnings Life of a Hippie CEO: €8,10-

Expenses: €107,-

  • ConvertKit: €51,-
  • Shining biz + life 2017 workbooks: €51,15
  • And some fees for my payment system + hosting, less than €5,- all-together.

Traffic Sources


  • 3773 Visits at CH (+534)
  • 103 Visits at LHC (-36)


  • 1213 Newsletter CH (+186)
  • 1813 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+222)
  • 142 Facebookgroup members CH (+?)
  • 451 Facebook Likes CH (+39)
  • 39 Pinterest followers CH (+5)
  • 37 Newsletter LHC (+3)


Important going-ons

  • I gave the pitch-free webinar I had planned. And although the number of registrants was very exciting (172, new record!) all the other numbers were quite disappointing. Only 18% of the people showed up live, and I made one sale due to the webinar. Of course I hadn’t hard-sold anything and did no email follow-up, but I had hoped to make a little bit more than only €25,-….
    You could say this was a very interesting experiment and worth a try. But it got me discouraged for quite some time (costing me a lot in terms of productivity), so I’m a bit cautious now with doing another non-pitch webinar.
  • Triggered by the webinar I mentioned before, I’ve been in some major emotional rollercoaster this month. I’ve so often felt discouraged, scared, failed… Then I talked to business friends and felt a little bit better (or sometimes became even more confused on what I should do) and a few hours or day later I would be back in my insecurities again. It was a very, very rough month for me for sure…
    July week 4
    What got me back on track, was the difficult decision to take a few days off. That extra space got me excited about a new project, that gives me new confidence on how to move forward:
  • I decided to create a new e-course! I wanted to create an inner wisdom course for quite some time, but had put it off because I thought I would first need to grow my mailing list. But then I got so excited after having a few ideas for a blogpost and the people of my Facebook group reacting very excited about it too… That I decided to do it. But this time I will use Amy’s Courses that Convert to create my course, and that might make all the difference. I had never realized that marketing starts already during the creation of your course – it’s not just in the launching.
  • And I decided to organize a virtual summit as a list builder startegy before I launch this course. It’s about creating happiness from the inside and I’m very scared and excited about it. I hope I will find some big names who want to participate…!


Goal reflection

Income goal: €200,-
I just want to throw up over my income goals… Or all my goals, really.

My emotional crisis of this month got me rethinking goal setting. Is it actually benefiting me? I barely reach my goals and it always makes me feel like I’m growing to slow. I don’t feel like these high goals have enabled me to achieve more. Much more often, they hurt my productivity because I spend so much time feeling bad about my company because I never reach my goals.

For this month I’m only going to set action-focused goals (rather then result-focused), but maybe sometime soon I’ll just only set intentions or do something completely different.

1500 Subscribers for Commit Happiness
Well… I didn’t believe in this goal at the start of July, and it got only worse. Although I spent the last two months setting up better list building systems, I’m still not growing that much faster! Don’t ask me why. Quite honestly, my analytics are still a mess to me.

July week 1

Set up a sales funnel for my self-love course.
Perfect example of a action-focused goal! And I made it! I didn’t set up an automatic funnel yet, but I prepared everything to run a self-love challenge in August. If that converts well for me, I’ll put it into an automatic funnel.

Have my new signature freebie up & running.
So much self-doubt came in the way of doing this. I did somehow (painfully) manage to write a new text for my ‘Start here’ page, and I want to create a freebie that aligns with that text. But I’m not sure when… my course creation + virtual summit are getting all my priority right now.

I also outlined a new homepage freebie: a resource guide for personal development. I will probably finish that one next week.

Biggest Insights

  • Have you ever heard someone say ‘If it doesn’t convert live, it won’t convert on auto-pilot’? Amy told me, I didn’t listen (because I thought I had just too little people on my live webinar) and now my funnel for my inner joy course converted at 0% this month. Even though I promoted it to my mailing list and 100+ people went through it.

    That also contributed to this months’ mental breakdown.

    Lesson learned? I actually don’t feel like I made a mistake, although my funnel isn’t working. I just really had to make this step to move forward. The problem is more… how to move forward? (And the problem is also: I fucking spent two months setting up systems so my company would nurture me more, and now nothing of that seems to make much of a difference! AFJ@R#I@!!)

    July week 3

    I want to wait until I’ve launched my inner wisdom course to see if my problem with selling is (partly) in my confidence of people getting results, and most importantly, in my lack of audience intel. This time I’m going to work with testers much more intensively, and do more market research. That term makes me cringe a bit.. but it’s actually quite fun. I’m just going to talk a lot to the Commit Happiness people.

  • I would like to focus more on what I already have, rather than my goals (aka where I should be while I’m not). Maybe there is a time for goal setting. Maybe it was a good next step that I tried that for a year, since no goalsetting (like I did the first 2 years of Commit Happiness) worked even less. But maybe now is the right time to just focus on what I built this year, sent some gratitude to the Universe, and step into the feeling that I am enough already. I think it will bring back the fun in all of this.



  • Life of a Hippie CEO made it’s first earnings! Someone bought Leonie Dawsons 2016 workbooks through my link and I got payed for that this month. I spent the entire amount on a meal in Ikea, to put into something tangible to celebrate. A whole meal that feels like I got it for free! (Of course in a way I worked my ass off for just €8,10, but as long as I view LHC as a hobby project it’s awesome free money.)
    July week 2
    Ikea dinner
  • I got a real postcard in the mail from somebody who wanted to thank me and my sister for creating Commit Happiness! It’s so awesome! My first real fanmail! :D
  • I also almost sold an self-love e-course, in which case I would have made my income goal! Of course I didn’t… but really this feels like a small celebration to me because at least someone was on the verge of buying. I was scared no-one was even slightly interested, so this was quite a relief.

2. August Intentions

This month’s dreamboard:

Dreamboard Aug

What are your goals for this month?

  • Take a week off from Commit Happiness to focus on LHC
  •  This is meant as a holiday :’)

  • Do a validation blitz to see if people are looking for an inner wisdom course.
  • Do 15 course calls for my inner wisdom course and select 10 testers.
  • Outline my course + finish 80% of creation.

What is the income you want to make this month?

FUCK YOU VERY MUUUUUCH (Yes, there’s some resentment that needs processing here, I know…)

How could you get this number?


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