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Income Report January 2017

January has been a strange month for me. I started out feeling so light, with a lot of enthusiasm for the new year. My launch was the biggest one so far but didn’t leave me being very satisfied at cart close day. And… I stumbled upon an administrative problem that left me feeling stressed, dis-empowered and panicking.

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

Income report january 2012

1. January Check-in

Revenue: €2331

  • Inner wisdom e-course: €2172
  • Self-love e-course: €149
  • Affiliate earnings: +- €10

And I have to add that I got totally messy with all my numbers, because there were so many different payments: people who used (different!?!) payment plans, people who purchased with my payment provider and than also people who purchased manually. And combinations of those.

So I might be off a few euros here and there… :”)

(Lesson learned: get your accounting in order before you start having more than 10 sales with your launch *a*)

Expenses: €167

  • ConvertKit: €75
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €15
  • Refunds: €77

Traffic Sources


  • 5189 Visits at CH (+1408)
  • 100 Visits at LHC (-11)


  • 3165 Newsletter CH (+7)
  • 3320 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+290)
  • 504 Facebookgroup members CH (+38)
  • 717 Facebook Likes CH (+28)
  • 57 Pinterest followers CH (+6)
  • 37 Newsletter LHC (+0)


Important going-ons

  • I launched my inner wisdom course. Will do a launch report soon!
  • Midway January, I received a message from the Dutch government telling me that my company couldn’t be registered in the Netherlands because of my temporary stay in Germany. This was an incredibly difficult and intense thing to go through for me.
    I know it might sound like something that just needs to be fixed, worst case scenario I register my company in Germany. But it was so emotional for me! I don’t speak German well, I’m not permanently living in Germany, my whole company is in Dutch etc. You can watch a lot of my sharing videos to see how bad I felt… And I had to unexpectedly travel back to the Netherlands to fix it – with no guarantee that I would be able to fix it.
    This made me feel overwhelmed. I got too little work done. I felt like juggling too many different projects and lost my appetite for work. It started to feel a bit like a burn-out I think. I lost my fire. Even the smallest tasks seemed to difficult to handle.
    I don’t know how I got through it, really. It took until mid February for everything to get solved, and meanwhile I did an entire launch! :S But more about that part in the February income report.
  • During all of this, I was also running the live round of my inner wisdom course. Pfhew.

    But I could also put this one up for ‘celebrations’ because I was so scared to do live Q&A’s! I did ask people to send in their question in advance, and giving myself the permission to do so made it more doable to take this scary step.
    I loved it as well, as I got more interaction with my students. But I felt like I couldn’t help people enough, all of the time. I was so scared that I’m just not capable of teaching people how they can meet their guides and access their inner wisdom. Which easily made my head do conclusions like: “But then I can’t help anyone at all! What if all my courses are rubbish but I just didn’t discover it yet because I didn’t do live rounds before? What if my whole company can’t register and it shouldn’t because I can’t actually help people??!?!”
    I have become so much more self-loving and self-confident over the years. But there’s still a long road to go as well…

  • I know it’s not business related, but I have to share how amazing the winter was this month! For the first time in four years we could ice skate again, and this was the first time in my entire life I went sleighing!! It was so much fun with all the hills here.


Goal reflection

Income goal: €1500,-
I made it! The weird thing was that midway my launch I had a lot of sales, and the sales on cart close (often my best day) were minimal. So even though I did great, I didn’t feel so great on the last day of my launch as I had expected more sales by then.

Also I was a bit sad that I missed the €2500 mark with such a small gap, because I had promised myself that on my first €2500 month I will gift myself a beautiful butterfly light I saw in the store ;)


(I ended up buying it in March, to celebrate I made €5000,- in this first quarter. And yes, I know that’s not the number you get when you add up my Jan, Feb and March income reports… that’s because of my messy accounting and my curious skill to make things disappear when I do calculations.)

Revise my inner wisdom course so it’s ready to go for the first round of students
A few days before my launch would start, I got so stressed about how much actually had to be done to fix the course! I had just miscalculated all the little things that needed attention. My mastermind buddy (and life saver) Julia brought me the idea to do a live round of my course instead. I realized that was so much better! It allowed me to drip the content, I would get more feedback from my students to improve the course and the experience would be more valuable to my students.

So it will be by the end of February that the entire course is ready.

Launch the course
Nailed it :) You can read all about it in my launch breakdown.

Create 4 meditations for CH and upload them
Nailed this one even more haha! I’m so proud I managed to keep up with this! Now that I’ve sticked to a weekly schedule for a month (and during launch time, hello!) I feel much more confident I’ll keep up with it for the rest of the year.

Publish a first version of the new welcome video
There were a lot of cloudy days that made me unable to film. And my unexpected travel didn’t help either. So this one is (again?) off to next month.

Send out press releases about my next virtual summit to at least 3 magazines.
Oeph yes same here. This is a hard task for me as I’ve never written a press release before, and even without the travelling and administrative headaches, it would have been a challenge. I feel really nervous about not having completed this yet…

Biggest Insights

  • I’ve focused on self-love a lot the past years, and it feels like this year that focus will deepen even more – especially in my professional work. At first I was a bit disappointed with my dreamboard, not sure what it told me, because I was so focused on wanting 2017 to be the year of big (financial) successes and inner strength. But then I realized what my dreamboard wanted to tell me: to focus on love and softness and selfcare, and let everything develop from that space. Trusting that it will be the most beautiful thing I could have created for myself.
    Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 17.16.28

  • When I felt desperate and lonely in my situation, I read a lot of Leonie Dawsons blogs about her business journey (and I feel quite self-conscious about how many of my own sharing videos I watched haha!) Leonie transformed her business a lot of times, and taught me that this is just a natural part of business. It evolves, just like you. This gave me more freedom to feel like I can change things, and don’t have to have everything fixed from the beginning.
  • Because of my hard times, and having to travel unexpectedly, I realized I want to have more content in stock (like newsletters, meditations to upload) in case something unexpected happens. Which, as I look back on the past six months, always does.
  • I also developed a whole new perspective on taking days off when I feel emotional! I realized that this emotional roller-coaster is just an inherent part of the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. And realizing how inevitable they were, made it easy for me to feel that taking days off because I am emotional, are inevitable too. I don’t view them any longer as something that I may sometimes allow myself to do. No… they are a part of the journey, and are inseparable with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.



  • The intention of focusing on love first, is also the attitude I brought towards my new years resolutions. I realized that if I want this year to be my best one yet, I have to give myself supporting habits that create a space for that success to happen. So I made a list of all those things: writing morning pages, meditating, talking walks, running, eating healthy, single-tasking etc. But for the first time in my life they don’t come from a place of ‘You’re not good enough if you don’t fix this’ but from: ‘This is what would nurture me’. And I only do them out of love, not out of obligation. Funnily enough, I’ve never been able to “keep” so many of my resolutions!
  • Oh and not to forget, I had my most profitable month so far!
  • This one is totally not business related, but I was so happy that we could ice skate this month! It has been four or five years since I was able to do so! :D

2. February Intentions

Once again, I did not do a dreamboard. Life was so messy when February started… I would like to try a new on when March comes, as I’m so happy with my 2017 dreamboard!

My action-focused goals for this month:

  • Do a Valentine promo for my self-love course + improve the webinar, emails etc. that I created for the first time I lanched this course.
  • Publish a first version of the new welcome video.
  • Publish a Youtube video weekly.
  • Arrange all the speakers for my 2nd virtual summit.
  • Send out all press releases for my virtual summit.
  • Finish the live round of my inner wisdom course.

What is the income you want to make this month?

It feels scary, but I calculated that with some effort it would be realistic to make €4000!

How could you get this number?

I made a list of all the things I can do to improve my launch, focusing on getting 750 webinar registrants and a 5% conversion rate so my total revenue would then be €4000-something.

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