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Income Report February 2017

I felt like I started February with the mess of January. I was travelling to fix my administrative issues and when I came back home, I realised I was majorly behind on all my work so I worked weekends to keep up. While I actually needed to rest and rejuvenate from all the stuff that had happened before…

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

Income report february 2017

1. February Check-in

Revenue: €2331

  • Inner joy e-course: €77
  • Self-love e-course: €2086
  • Affirmation e-course: €25
  • Meditation bundles: €54

Expenses: €1780

  • Meditation music: €664
  • Hard disk: €80
  • Soul-led mastermind: €660
  • Lights (for filming): €60
  • ConvertKit: €75
  • Hosting, payment system, Amazon AWS: about €15
  • Refunds: €226

Traffic Sources


  • 5819 Visits at CH (+630)
  • 84 Visits at LHC (-16)


  • 3355 Newsletter CH (+190)
  • 3551 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+231)
  • 550 Facebookgroup members CH (+46)
  • 745 Facebook Likes CH (+28)
  • 58 Pinterest followers CH (+1)
  • 37 Newsletter LHC (+0)


Important going-ons

  • I spent my month travelling and crying for the administrative issues, did a launch for my self-love course around Valentines day and in the meantime continued the live round of my inner wisdom course. (Yes, that was way too much)
  • I met a business spirit guide! I’ve always had spirit guides to help me in my personal life, but not in business. So I set the intention to meet one, and then in a fountain I found my future self. The Luz who has brought her company towards it’s full potential. I couldn’t talk with her yet in this first encounter, but I have a good feeling about how our contact will develop :)
    my business spirit guide
  • This doesn’t seem business related, but I do want to share I started running again. Because it feels like an extension of the supporting habits I created as a new years resolution. I suddenly felt the inspiration to. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe because it feels like the me-who-is-successful would do it. Maybe I hope it will connect me with my inner strength. Maybe I just want to live healthier.


Goal reflection

Income goal: €4000,-
Oh my God… Well I must say it’s a sweeter experience to fail at my income goals now that that means I still made 2k ;) But at the same time, the disappointment is still there – though a few months ago I would have gone CRAZY knowing I made €2000! I’m amazed how fast I get used to this new level.

In my January report I wrote that I made a list of all the things I could improve on my launch to get to the €4000. I did almost all of them, but somehow it just didn’t work. The biggest hit was the fact that I got only to about 500 webinar registrants – even though this time I had an entrepreneur friend promote my webinar to her audience.

I asked Amy Porterfield what could be the reason (she does weekly Q&A’s in her course), and she said it was most likely because of Valentines day. People are getting so many messages about love, that it’s hard to stand out and get them to engage.


This is a really funny thing by the way.

Because the whole reason I forced myself to do this launch even though I was too tired, was because I thought: “Hey, it’s a really cool thing to talk about self-love during Valentines day! I insist on doing my webinar on Valentines day.”

Lesson learned. I’m only choosing my dates based on MY agenda from now on.

Do a Valentine promo for my self-love course + improve launch materials
So yes, I did. And it didn’t really work. But I do feel much better about the webinar and emails now. You can read all about my launch in this post.

Publish a first version of the new welcome video.
Omg omg omg! I did it!! It’s not perfect, but so much better than what we had before.

It’s in Dutch so you probably won’t understand it, but I thought it would be nice to embed the video here as well so you can get a feeling for what I’ve been working on:

Publish a Youtube video weekly.
Yeehees! But I did slack off a little bit. I always publish on Friday, and one Friday was the day I travelled back home and arrived at 21:30 or something. So I decided to just go to bed and create the meditation on Saturday. Then the last Friday of February my internet broke down, so I had to wait till Sunday to upload the video with a friends’ internet.

Arrange all the speakers for my 2nd virtual summit & send out press releases.
I got so overwhelmed and stressed, that I did something that felt like the impossible to me: I prosponed my summit a month. It was scary to email all the affiliates, but it was the right thing to do. Because I just had to draw a line and take care of myself. I had been taking on too much just to keep everything up and running in Commit Happiness while my life was over-challenging and unstable.

Finish the live round of my inner wisdom course.
Yes… Two of the three live sessions I couldn’t do at home which was awfully stressful, but somehow I pulled it off.

Biggest Insights

  • I’m not sure if I’ve shared much about the spiritual side of my administrative issues. The past weeks I’ve done a lot of forgiveness and healing work towards the Dutch government. I used to see them as some sort of enemy, like I had to create a successful company despite of the tax department.
    I feel that this is shifting now. I’m healing our relationship, and stepping more and more into the paradigm that the tax department is here to help me. To be a friend on my journey of creating a successful company.
    From now on, I call taxes: abundance boosters. Because they encourage me to earn 3x more than I would have wanted to earn if taxes didn’t exist – meaning I create more value for this world. And when I pay my taxes, I’ll send them to the government with the intention that that money will flow to those who need it most, and will contribute to the well-being of everyone on this planet.
    I believe that sending those large amounts of money (=energy) with an intention like that, might have more impact than voting.

  • The past months I’ve very often thought: ‘I can’t do this any more. Maybe I should quit my business.’
    What helped me with this was Joanna Hennon who reminded me: ‘Don’t make a decision when you feel bad. This is not the kind of place you should make decisions from.’
    But somehow I always feel like that when I’m in panic! I automatically start to second-guess everything. So her telling me I shouldn’t, brought me a lot of relief. I looked at my situation and could think: “Okay, I feel a longing right now to stop being an entrepreneur. And now I’m not going to bother with deciding whether or not I should follow that desire. I’ll leave that to my happy self.”
    I also did a session where I summed up the advantages of the current state of my business. Even though things can suck and I’m not earning as much as I’d like, there are amazing things too. Like the fact that I can work from almost any place. And that I can often take days off when I feel emotional. Or that I can take walks in the forest during my breaks. No matter where you are at in your business, there are always benefits to it.
    All my nearly-nervous-breakdowns also encouraged me to take a look at how I can make things easier for myself. I made a long list of all the thing I could do, like asking someone in my Facebook group if they’d like to volunteer as a moderator. Being stricter with my refund policy. Stop my meditation group and don’t do any non-pitch webinars any more. Align the content of my newsletter with my videos, so I don’t have to create two separate pieces of content each week.
    I was especially looking for things that would make it more joyful to me, but that wouldn’t come at a cost. For instance, I could have said ‘Skip a launch’ or ‘Create only bi-weekly videos’ but that also hurts my growth so it feels like I’m also taking from myself by doing that.

  • I’ve always had a resistance to automated webinars, as they didn’t feel ethical/integer to me. But this month that resistance started to dissolve a little. Because I realized that if I don’t have to spend my time promoting things live, I free up that time to work on other projects with which I can contribute to this world!
    And I realized that if I only launch live, people have to wait for me to do so. If they can watch an automated webinar, they can do so when it’s most relevant to them – instead of having to wait for months.
  • There are a lot of things I did in business that I would totally have done otherwise if I would do them again. But I’ve never felt so much regret about all those missteps and failures. And I think it’s because everything I tried, always helped me to move further in some way. At the time it often felt terrible, but I so easily forget about that afterwards.
    I’ts quite weird to realize how little regret I feel about my mistakes, because I’m often scared to make decisions solely because of the fear it will be the wrong one.



  • MY ISSUE GOT SOLVED! My company is registered! I’m so incredibly happy with this! And the minute I got the news, I felt all my power come back again. As if I had just been blocking myself subconsciously, and now that this issue was out of the way, my strength could flow through me again.
    No better way to celebrate this than with a Happy End drink:

    happy end

  • I did live Q&A’s! This is double victory because I was scared to do them, and because I did them even though everything around me seemed to be falling apart.
  • I joined Joanna Hennons’ mastermind. Oh my God it is scary! I’ve never paid for coaching, masterminds or anything similar. But I do feel an expansion when I think about this decision. It’s stepping up to the next level. Let’s see where it will take me the coming two months :)

2. March Intentions

My action-focused goals for this month:

  • Arrange all the speakers + affiliates for my virtual summit.
  • Send out all press releases.
  • Find a bookkeeper.
  • Upload 5 how-to videos to Youtube, besides my weekly meditations.
  • Finish the outline of my book.

What is the income you want to make this month?

I go for a good old fashioned €100,-

How could you get this number?

Do absolutely nothing to try to make money :) My focus is elsewhere this month (holiday time!!)

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