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How to Make your Website Stand Out

Making your website stand out is superduper important. And actually…it’s not that hard if you just take the time to have a look at it.

how to make your website stand out

The reason most websites are looking like any other, is that most people don’t invest enough time in thinking: how can I make this stick out? How can my website be different? We just go with what everyone else is doing, ’cause apparently that’s what works and that’s how WordPress already delivers it to us.

How can you build a striking website in a super easy way? Just take a look at all the basics that are on your website and turn them around to something unique!

1. An eye-catching opt-in.

How can you make your opt-in different? Can you offer a Free Giveaway that’s like nothing else out there? Can you make the design something unusual? What if you’d put an illustration with it? What kind of text distinquises you from the usual ‘like this? subscribe!’. Can you think of an attention grabbing statement that can go with your opt-in?

And ouch, as I am writing this post I realize, I myself could use some of this advice for my own opt-in! This is what it looks like at the moment:

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I focused on the design to give it something special, and it has. But the possibilities are way way broader than this! Something to work on in the future for me. ;)

One side note though: for an effective opt-in, it is important not to have too many distractions – it will hurt your conversion rates. So keep it simple, don’t add as much bells and whistles as you can but carefully pick the essential to make it stand out. That advice might be applicable to your whole website by the way…

2. Share buttons

Aren’t we getting as immune to share buttons as we are to advertisements? Every website has them, even websites that aren’t meant for sharing anyway – but the marketing department must have heard that sharing it hot and happening and without further thinking added a nice set of share buttons.

If you really want your website to get shared, brainstorm about creative ways you can get people to do it. Can you think of a sharing invitation that is so original, people would share it just because you ask it so awesomely?

An example I want to give you is from my other website, Commit Happiness (currently only in Dutch). I invented a variation on the tweetable: the shareable. We pick a nice quote from the article which the user can share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And it adds more visuals to the blogpost as well!

Shareable Commit Happiness

I ask you to please only use this example as inspiration, and not to entirely copy it! :) Not as much for me (people will start copying it someday anyway) as for yourself.

Because that kind of copying behaviour is easy to do and can sound like a good idea, but in the long run it will make you the least outstanding. Why?

Because you have to develop YOUR creativity. The ideas that only YOU can come up with are so much more valuable than using good-working tactics that came from someone else! It’s the only way to get ahead of your ‘competition’.

Of course it is a good thing to light your creative spark by looking at amazing examples! (How do you think I came up with the idea of a shareable??) But be sure to process those examples and put your uniqueness and upgrades over it.

What else?

You’ve gotten some training in uniqueness! So I’m going to give you an exercise that is a little bit more difficult.

Take a look at your current website, and ask yourself: what other items could I make more distinguishable? My homepage? The way I present myself on the about page? My FAQ? Make a list of everything. Then – over time – start working on it one small item at the time: baby steps are the way to make it happen, Love.

Ready to take it to the next level?

If you implemented all of my advice, your website will be pretty darn outstanding. Want to get it even more awesome? Try to come up with something entirely different, an extra feature to your website that no one else has.

As an example: I came up with the idea to put a ‘How to make a difference’ box with my articles (have a look at the one in this article below!). It was something that would be immensely useful to my visitors, and that no one else out there has. Except for Commit Happiness, that is… :P I tend to recycle my ideas in all my businesses if they work well.

Talking about Commit Happiness, we built a ‘Magical Signpost’ for it some time ago. Like a quiz we would ask a new visitor at which area in their live they needed some more happiness. By telling about their preferences a few times, the Magic Signpost would eventually give an advice of 3 blogposts that might be helpful for the particular situation of that visitor. Wow, outstanding. Wow, amazing value for our visitors.

Magic Signpost Commit Happiness

What does your tribe need when they visit your website? How can you deliver that to them in a different way than the usual blogpost, video or free giveaway?

You might need quite some creative power to come up with an idea for this one, so take your time! Brainstorm, try to think as broad as possible!

One quick brainstorming tip: don’t shoot off any ideas when you’re still brainstorming – it will shut down your creative genius. Come up with 100 ideas, no matter how crazy or ineffective or embarrassing. Only after your done with the brainstorming, you can use your inner critic to decide which ideas are really usable.

I hope this post has helped you. Go be your unique, immensely outstanding self! :)

Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • Take a look at your opt-in. How can you make this distinguishable?
  • Then try to come up with unique ways get your visitors to share about your website.
  • Make a list of all the other items that you could give a make-over.
  • Go give them a make-over!
  • Come up with a new feature for you website that will make everyone go like: dude, this is so unique and valuable! :D
Would you like to get more productive by having fun?

Sign up below and learn (for free) how you can:

  • feel more content by the end of your day
  • play while you're working
  • and get a lot more done!