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How Hibernation Will Drive my Biz Forward

So I gave up on my Why and entered a period filled with doubt. What to do next?

how hibernation will drive my biz forward

I want to take some time to figure out how I want to be with the Light Millionaires project, and decided to take the whole month for this ‘hibernation’ mode.

What does hibernation mean to me?

It’s the beginning of November and multiple projects I’m doing are coming to an end, while new things aren’t starting yet but have to be prepared. I launch my e-course for Commit Happiness today. I want to look within for the Light Millionaires project, and my only team member does to – so I won’t have to coach him so actively. I want to move from Groningen to Berlin.

I came up with an idea for an e-course I want to develop for Life of a Hippe CEO. It will take a lot of preparation before I can even start developing it, which I want to start on in December or January.

I want to use this month to be focused on myself. Find my centre, find my new direction and my new way of moving towards my goals.

I want to make a lot of blogposts so I have some prepared for the coming months, so in these months I can focus on all the more time-consuming large projects I will start.

Light Millionaires and hibernation

I’m not going to search for new team members in the outer world.

I’m going to take the time to work trough all the documents we have to teach new team members, and revise them. I want to make sure my future team members get documents that I’m content with.

I want to finish all the posts about this project that I’ve written for Life of a Hippie CEO. (I wrote about it the past two months, but there’s a lot of editing that still needs to be done before I can put everything online. And it’s about time to finally put this online…)

I want to keep practicing at letting go of my why, and only focusing on the feeling it this is the right thing for me or not – at any given moment.

I most importantly: I want to write and reflect a lot about what would be the right way for me to be with this project.

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