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Check-in September 2015

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
SR = Sex Revolutie
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO
LM = Light Millionairs project

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pay Flynn and my own adjustments.

check in september

1. September Check-in

Income Sources

• Commissions and bonus from the Light Millionaires project: don’t know the specific amount yet

Traffic Sources

• 681 Visitors at
• Unknown amount of visitors at (still busy filtering my analytics from spam bots… such a hassle!)
• 0 Visitors at Life of a Hippie CEO

• 280 Sub op CH Youtube (+49)
• 186 Likes CH (+7)
• 8 Newsletter e-course CH (+5)
• 42 Newsletter SR (+3)
• 64 likes SR (+5)

Important going-ons

• I started a detox on September 14th. This is somewhat business-related because it is connected to the Light Millionaires project.
• Commit Happiness got an intern! :D She’s a girl I met through the academy of art, and will be making illustrations for our meditations and articles. It’s so awesome and I am so excited!

Biggest Insights

• I really have to do things my way, keep listening to myself and my intuition.
• Everybody has a different response to your actions and projects, and it actually tells you very little about if you’re doing the right thing or not.


• 2 (/3) People in my Light Millionairs team!
• I guess coaching my first intern (at age 23, haha it’s so weird!) is quite worth a celebration as well! :)

2. October Intentions

What are your goals for this month?

  • Earn € 500,-
  • Fucking finally be done with redesigning Commit Happiness!
  • Have my first Commit Happiness e-course ready for launching on November 1st.
  • Life of a hippie CEO up & running & promotable.
  • Have 4 active business partners in the Light Millionaires project.

What is the income you want to make this month?

I want to set the intention to earn €500, and let the universe find out the way it will flow towards me. 500 Euro is a very scary number to me if I would have to think about how I could make it, because I currently don’t see a possible way for that to happen.

On the other hand, I feel a very strong desire to go to the next level of money-earning, and start trying to get a decent amount of money every month. My current monthly expenses are somewhere between €700 to €1000, and I really want to start heading to covering those every month. Which of course means I have to earn quite some more than €1000 euro in my company, because of production costs and taxes.

I do have enough savings to get around for quite some time, but it just feels so much better to spend money I’ve actually EARNED! (All my savings are money that I rented from the government during my studies, and that I have to pay back the coming decade.)

How could you get this number?

I can start selling custom-made meditations for €20,- each, once the new CH layout is online.
5 x €20 = €100

If I’d manage to *somehow* get visitors on LHC, maybe hopefully possibly I could promote/sell affiliate products.
2 x $250 (my commission on a Leonie Dawson academy membership) = $500, which atm is something like €450.

If I’d manage to find 3 new team members for the LM project, I will get the poolbonus, which will probably be somewhere between €60 and €150.

I will already receive about €20 as a commission on the orders my team-members make this month.

If I’d help my boyfriend to get 3 people in his team, I will probably earn about €45 – €90. (And that will be monthly, for as long as the persons involved will keep ordering!)

What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

  • Find out what affiliate prodcuts I’d like to recommend at LHC.
  • Write a review of the Shinging Biz + Life Academy at LHC and insert affiliate link.
  • Produce valuable content for LHC.
  • Promote LHC. (Break it down Luz! Break it down!)
  • Be very bold and brave an mail Leonie Dawson my joint venture proposel… :O
  • Set up a page at CH where people can order their custom meditations.
  • At the end of our new meditations on Youtube, mention the custom meditations.
  • Woowoo-affirm-universe-away at attracting 4 active business partners and €500.
  • Plus do the nessecary work on healing my money and success blocks. (get specific Luz!)
  • Finish reading ‘Van mens tot mens’ (a book about refferal marketing).
  • Go to the Starters day with my boyfriend and invite my other team members.
  • Have the LM project meeting at my sisters place.
  • Coach my boyfriend really well and support him to invite a lot of people to the meeting.
  • Visit my artist-hippie-friend to tell him about my LM project.
  • Follow-up with people I already introduced to my project.
  • Record videos for my e-course > or make outline
  • Finish editing the meditations for my e-course.
  • Put all the course material online.
  • Find testers & let them test.
  • Improve the course with the feedback of my testers.
  • Promote my e-course, guided by the strategies of my ‘business coach’.
  • Get the salespage and stuff like that ready.


How will you reward yourself when you get there?

I’ll treat myself on all the awesome vegan meat-replacers I saw this month at the organic food store!

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