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Check-in March 2016

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pay Flynn and my own adjustments.

Check-in and Income Report March 2015

1. March Check-in

Revenue: €127,-

  • €94,- from my Commit Happiness e-course (2 sales)
  • €33,- from a donation


  • ASK: €8,50
  • And some fees for my payment system + hosting, less than €5,- all-together.

Traffic Sources


  • 2598 Visits at CH (+669)
  • 88 Visits at LHC (+17)



  • 304 CH accounts (+76)
  • 530 Newsletter CH (+111)*
  • 943 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+213)
  • 338 Facebook Likes CH (+44)
  • 27 Pinterest followers CH
  • 23 Newsletter LHC (+1)

*The growth this month was more than it seems here, because this is that first month I subtracted the 40 unsubscribers (they still appear in my total list number, I found out)

Important going-ons

  • Re-launched my Commit Happiness e-course (Genieten van Binnenuit) by using Amy Porterfields webinar system. This was a great practice and relationship builder with my audience, but the results in sales were minimal, to say the least. You can read all about it here.
  • I started mailing our CH list weekly. This was really scary to do, as I thought a lot of people would unsubscribe. But actually… not that much did. More than in any other month, but still a very small percentage of my list (30 out of 500). The people who stayed, seem much more engaged. I’ve been receiving much more messages and engagement from people! Totally worth it. And actually, it wasn’t as hard as I thought to come up with weekly content.

Goal reflection

Make €235-€940 with my launch
Geesh, these money goals are a pain in the ass… I never seem to reach them! :(

Did you know I launched this same course in November, and made 3 sales of €38 each? I had almost no idea what I was doing at the time, and had a list of 30. This time, I had Amy Porterfields supersystem and a list of 450 people…and made just 2 sales of €47.

What? I still don’t understand it! I asked people why they hadn’t bought my course (so scary!) and almost everyone who replied had a reason that was something like ‘I have no time right now/something personal going on’. A few said they didn’t have the money. No one said: there’s something wrong with your course. Or: this is too expensive. (Those are the things I’m afraid they’ll be thinking!) I don’t know of course if people who had those reasons, dared to share those with me.

It is demotivating, but I don’t feel as frustrated as during my first launch – although the results are actually worse. I want to let this course be for now, and focus on my new course on self-love. Just do Amy’s system again and see how it turns out with a different course and a larger list.

I do however want to try some joint venture promotions with my first course, and see how that turns out.

Practice webinars by re-lauching my CH e-course.
Succeeded! I have so much more clarity about how to do webinars now. Plus, I feel SO motivated to do them! :) I also got great feedback from my sister that I can use to do better next time.

Have 500 Newsletter subscribers for Commit Happiness.
This time we hit the mark! :D And I didn’t do anything for it… I was too focused on my relaunch.

Implement B-school if I have any time left.
Well, I started on this… but to be honest, so far B-school hasn’t been as great as I expected. I thought the website module would help me improve my website even further, but it was a bit superficial/not detailed enough for me and didn’t cover anything I hadn’t done already. I’m just going to follow along with the second part of the course this month and see what I can take out of it. I will definitely write a review sometime!

Biggest Insights

  • Mailing my list weekly seems to work! (Oh, all the resistance I used to have…)
  • I need to work on my fear of selling. I felt so awkward while promoting during my webinar, and I don’t know if or how much this is affecting my sales. I want to find a way of selling that feels heart-centered and honest – but doesn’t need me to stay quiet in order not to irritate people.
  • I’ve never done Q&A’s because I was so scared I wouldn’t know the answers and then people would find out I’m not an expert (Huge imposter syndrome here!). Well, I did it anyway and actually I liked answering the questions during the webinar more than anything else during my presentation! :D I’m definitely going to stick with it, and I think it was the right thing to start with it before I felt ready.
  • Everyone says it, but it is true. Webinars are great for building a relationship with your audience!


  • Had my most engaged, most valuable and most beautiful webinar ever! This was just my second webinar… :P But to be honest, I think it rocked! I am really proud of what I’ve created. And 62 people signing up is a big win for me!
  • I’ve faced a lot of fears this month. Fear of doing a live webinar, fear of doing a Q&A, fear of selling, fear of asking people why they didn’t buy.
  • I was really disappointed about the amount of money I made this month, and then today I found out about the €33,- donation from a friend of mine. She had told me before that she’d donate (so sweet!), but I had expected 5 or 10 euros at the most! And then I realized… €127,- is a RECORD amount for me! I’ve actually had my best month so far!

Time to look waaay back!

At the end of 2015, I didn’t look back so much on how that year had been for me (in business terms). It felt too short as I had only started working on my business for a half a year. Now that quarter 1 is done, it seems the right time to zoom out and see what actually happened! I made you some nice graphs :)

The growth of my Youtube views

To be honest, I have no idea why our views started growing between June and December. We had been uploading meditations for 1,5 year but not consistent and in very slow pace. Maybe it just took some time for us to get noticed by Youtube.

The accelerated growth after December is probably because during the last weeks of December, I spent a lot of time upgrading our Youtube account and improving our rankings. Payed off, woohoo! I have been doubtful about the effect for a few months, but now that I see this overview after a few months – it clearly made a difference. In March we had 2,7 as much views as in December, how awesome is that?

the growth of Commit Happiness visitors

Why the question mark? Because in October I discovered our tracking ID wasn’t the right one, so all our stats before that time appeared to be useless.

When I first saw this graph, it seems pretty reasonable that our website visits had been growing along with our Youtube channel. But according to Google Analytics, only 6,5% of our visitors come through Youtube. What?? I don’t even believe it!

I am thinking that maybe our views on Youtube went up, but it were a lot by the same people. That would explain why our visitors and subscribers (see below) haven’t had the same accelerated growth as our Youtube channel.


List growth doesn’t look as consistent as it was: in January I did a Facebook promotion that made it peak. But our passive opt-in subscribers have been growing every month :)

My revenue growth

Just thought about including this one for fun…:’) It’s clear where my attention is needed!

2. March Intentions

What are your goals for this month?

  • Reach out to at least one influencer for a joint venture webinar to promote my course.
  • Implement Melyssa Griffins Pinfinte Growth course.
  • Implement Melyssa Griffins Listsurge course.
  • Plan creation +launching of my self-love course for May and June.

What is the income you want to make this month?

Although money hasn’t come easy so far this year, I am sticking with my yearly goal of making €50.000. However, I don’t feel called to set an income goal for April, as I want to take more long-term actions related to growing my list and traffic.

How could you get this number?


What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

I think they are all pretty straight-forward… I just have to get it done!


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