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Check-in June 2016

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pat Flynn and my own adjustments.

Check-in Income Report June 2016

1. June Check-in

Revenue: €77,-

  • My inner joy e-course (1 sale): €77,-

Expenses: €127,-

  • Pop-up ally Pro: €88,-
  • Big Leap: €8,-
  • ConvertKit: €26,-
  • And some fees for my payment system + hosting, less than €5,- all-together.

Traffic Sources


  • 3239 Visits at CH (+166)
  • 139 Visits at LHC (+12)


  • 1027 Newsletter CH (+213)
  • 510 CH accounts (+68)
  • 1591 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+210)
  • 412 Facebook Likes CH (+28)
  • 34 Pinterest followers CH (+7*)
  • 34 Newsletter LHC (+0)

*This growth was much more than our Pinterest usually grows (a.k.a. it doesn’t really grow), and I have no idea why! I didn’t do anything with our Pinterest account this month.

Important going-ons

  • I planned a pitch-free webinar for early July. It was really amazing to see that without much effort, I got just about the same amount of registrants as my previous webinar (which I promoted the hell out of). It’s motivating to experience the benefits of having a bigger list.
  • My boyfriend and I started celebrating every working week by eating out on Friday. But… We pick the restaurant based on how much I earned that week. So the more I earn, the fancier we go. If I haven’t earned anything at all, we have to eat on the street/in the park. It was meant to give us a homeless-person experience, but with the good weather this month it didn’t feel like that at all… I have to start earning though before it get’s all cold and rainy here!
    June week 1

  • After all the recommendations from Big Names, I gave Leadpages a try. I felt ready for the next step, ready to pay for the best tool in the field… And had an awful experience. The editor took ages to load, there was no undo button (which got really nasty when I accidentally deleted half of the page I had been crafting so carefully for the last hour) it didn’t integrate well with my ConvertKit account somehow and the general experience was just very user unfriendly. Leadpages had a lot of potential, but their drag ‘n drop builder is in a too early stage to pay a monthly fee for.

    I realized that my current tool, Instabuilder, (which I just used because it’s cheap) maybe wasn’t that bad after all and has the best prize-quality proportion I could find. Drag and drop builders are apparently quite new and just not that well-developed yet.
    Oh and how awkward, but just now, after working with Instabuilder for a year, I found out I can do split testing with it… I don’t know how I missed it – it is really obvious now that I know it. The bad experience with Leadpages and the new discoveries of Instabuilder made me decide that until Leadpages has its shit together, I’m going to vote for Instabuilder. It feels a bit painful because Leadpages has a more attractive affiliate program, but I have to choose ethics above money here. Plus… I feel disappointed. I thought there was a better tool out there, but it seems there isn’t at the moment.

June week 2
(Before you get confused… These €250 belong to May income, but the Friday of that week belonged to June)

Goal reflection

Income goal: €200,-
Midway June I thought I was going to have a zero month and all my other goals would fail as well… I started my June only on the 5th, because I lengthened my launch. I didn’t realize that takes quite a big part of your month away.

But then I started the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and got in such a good vibe… And made a sale! Wohoo, no zero month!

I do however want to set up more systems to make my passive monthly income higher than the €50-100 I’m currently at. I only launched the sales funnel for my inner joy course around the 20st of June, so I hope this will create more sales in July.

Plus, I’m going to put my self-love course on for sale again in a few days. I wanted to wait longer with this (because I closed the launch with a ‘doors close!’ message and they’ve only been closed for 1 month now) but I have to choose for self-nurturing now. I really need to set Commit Happiness up as something that can provide me an income.

1000 Subscribers for Commit Happiness!
Wohooo! I am so happy I reached this goal! Everything feels different with 1000+ subscribers, it such a magical mark. The second part of June I focused so much on list building… it almost got me burned-out. So now I want to slow-pace myself a little bit more. Which feels difficult because I want to grow my list even more this month… but I started to reach my limit and I have to honour that.

For now, hooray that this was the first month I grew with 200+ new subscribers. The things that helped me most with this was a guestpost I did (30 new subscribers), the upgrading of my current opt-ins (mobile friendly, better converting templates etc.) and creating two new opt-ins. I was partly inspired by everything I learned from Amy’s List Builders Lab.

Here you can read how I got to my first 1000 e-mail subscribers.

Set up a sales funnel for my affirmation course and my inner joy course.
As I already told you, I set up the inner joy funnel. And I had so much fun in doing so, haha. But when I started working on the affirmation funnel, eveything got so messy in my head because of new ideas and options… So I’m still in the process of decision making when it comes to this project.

I also worked on it during the last days of this month, when I started to feel how overworked I actually was. So I had to relief myself from some stress by putting this project off for now. Since the affirmation course is only €25,- and my self-love course is €149,-, I can better focus my efforts on the latter one.

June week 3

Join a mastermind group.
I started with asking my good friend Julia to become my accountability buddy. I hadn’t thought of her as an accountability buddy before because she is in a very different niche (she teaches violin) and was just starting her business last October. But I was so blinded! I felt alone and unsupported in business, and I didn’t even contact the one friend I have who IS a business owner!

When we started doing our meetings, she appeared to be the perfect accountability buddy for me. Niche didn’t matter, but the fact that she is committed and well-educated did. Plus, our meetings just feel like chatting with a good friend – because she is :””) So it’s also a lot of fun at the same time.

Then I joined Nathalie Lussiers live ’30 Day list building challenge’ and saw a post of someone asking for an accountability buddy. It just felt intuitively right for me, so I contacted her. I’ve now had two meetings with Dina and it has been amazing, we match so good and learn so much from each other. It goes far beyond just list building, all the way to the fundamentals of our businesses.

Then I realized I still want a mastermind group, rather then only 1-on-1 accountability meetings. So I reached out in Leonie Dawsons group, only to be disappointed by the low amount of reactions – which is very rare in her group.

Then I used the overwhelming force technique and bombarded every single free business Facebook group I was in, which brought about 10 reactions. I picked the persons who felt most matching we me and send them a message. Everyone reacted very positive and we are currently planning our first meeting for a try-out round. We will have to see though if we can make it work with timezones, as we live in Canada, Europe and Australia… :’)

Oh and I started a List Builders Lab accountability group, but that one kinda died because one person wasn’t committed enough :(

Biggest Insights

  • I started reading ‘The Big Leap’ which gave me a lot of eye-openers about how I sabotage myself to experience more joy and abundance in my life.
  • This month seemed to be about appreciating what I already have… I re-discovered Instabuilder and one of my friends. That sounds weird, right? xD But you know what I mean. Sometimes we don’t have to look for something new to get what we are looking for, we just have to take a good look at what we already have and see if that can help us get there.
    I experienced the same with my opt-ins. Revamping the ones I already had made quite a difference in my opt-in rates. Just one more person every day means 30 new people in a month. Which currently is big difference for me.

June week 4


  • What a magical month! We passed the 1000 subscribers mark + 1500 Youtube subscribers mark and we reached the 400 likes on Facebook.
  • I reached out to 5 influencers for a JV webinar. It hasn’t let to anything yet, but I am so proud I did it because it was very very uncomfortable to me.
  • I’m really happy that I finally have a sales funnel for my inner joy course that I feel proud of. I had one before (from December till March) but it felt awkward every time someone signed up for it.

2. July Intentions

This month’s dreamboard:

Dreamboard July
I do not know what it means.

Last month was dedicated to setting up fundamentals in my business that can nurture me in the future. I feel that project hasn’t come to a round-up yet and maybe even needs the rest of July.

What are your goals for this month?

  • 1500 Subscribers for Commit Happiness…
  •  I must say I don’t feel like I can make this number… It was really based on doing JV webinars and I haven’t been able to schedule any for July. The reason I still put it up is because Amy asks you to set a goal in List Builders Lab, and I set 2300 subscribers by the end of August. So I have to do something this month to get closer to that number…

  • Set up a sales funnel for my self-love course.
  • Have my new signature freebie up & running.

What is the income you want to make this month?

I’m scared this will become another ‘failure’, but I want to go for €200,- again because I really need to grow my passive income.

How could you get this number?

I can get a nice mix-up from my 3 products: self-love course (€149) inner joy course (€77) and affirmation course (€25).

Or have some magical affiliate link sign-ups for either Leonie Dawsons academy, or the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. Based on the past few months, that is very unlikely and would need some more of my effort… Which I can’t put into affiliate promotions right now, unless they are related to Commit Happiness.

What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

  • Continue implementing List Builders Lab.
  • Set up my new signature freebie.
  • Write a new guestpost.
  • Keep sending out JV proposels.
  • Put up a sales funnel for my affirmation course.
  • Put up a sales funnel for my self-love course.
  • Announce sales funnels to my list.
  • Promote funnels in Fb-groups.


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