Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

Check-in April 2016

0. Some notes

CH = Commit Happiness
LHC = Life of a Hippie CEO

With goalsetting and planning my month, I try to come up with goals that a) seem achievable or feel okay to surrender to the universe and b) would mean that by the end of the month, my business would be in a distinctively different place than it is now.

My monthly check-ins are made up from strategies I learned from Leonie Dawsons Magic Money Planner, inspiration by Pay Flynn and my own adjustments.

1. April Check-in

Revenue: €88,36-

  • €88,36- from Youtube advertisements

We’ve earned these mostly in 2015, and got payed this month. I won’t be making much money from Youtube again, as we decided to delete all the advertisements in 2016 – to have more Commit Happiness ‘advertising’ on our videos.


  • Meditation music: €17,50
  • Hosting costs: €2,25

Traffic Sources


  • 2031 Visits at CH (-567)
  • 145 Visits at LHC (+57)

I’m actually surprised to see that our CH visits dropped in April. Probably because I gave a webinar + promotion for the webinar in March that brought a lot of visits.


  • 380 CH accounts (+76)
  • 666 Newsletter CH (+136)
  • 1170 Subscribers at CH Youtube (+227)
  • 365 Facebook Likes CH (+27)
  • 26 Pinterest followers CH (-1)
  • 31 Newsletter LHC (+8)

Important going-ons

  • It wasn’t planned for this month, but I created my e-course about self-love!
  • I’ve switched from Mailgun to ConvertKit.
  • I’ve had an Abundance Activation session with Lara Waldman, and it was amazing! Since then I feel happier and more in flow. It’s easier to take action and create things (what the heck – only two weeks to build an entire 10-week course!).

Goal reflection

Reach out to at least one influencer for a joint venture webinar to promote my course.
To be honest, I just put this off because I am scared. I have a specific person in mind to e-mail for my proposel, but I’m so scared that a) my course just sucks and b) we won’t make enough sales and it will be super-awkward. Now that I’ve created my self-love course it’s easy to tell myself I’ll start with the JV webinars with that course, because I have more faith in that one. Plus for that topic I know more people who are not such BIG names, and thus easier to approach.

But those are all excuses if I’m being really honest…

Implement Melyssa Griffins Pinfinite Growth course.
Whaha… So I spent one week on this and then got distracted by my new e-course. Apparently things had to change, and this wasn’t my time for Pinfinite Growth.

Implement Melyssa Griffins Listsurge course.
Same story here. But I am looking forward to working on this after the launch of my e-course! So this one goes to June.

Plan creation + launching of my self-love course for May and June.
Got more than done! ;) My launch is planned out for May.

Biggest Insights

  • I was scared to switch to ConvertKit because it would mean a monthly fee (whereas my former e-mail provider was free) but I’m glad I did! It helps me to take my business more serious, and it is good to have some extra features that enable me to send more targeted e-mails. Plus, now I can finally see my open rates haha!
  • Rebecca Kane gave me the advice to write out my salespitch, and then just read that part during my webinar – so I don’t have to feel nervous about the sale. That’s really helpful for me and it makes me feel much more relaxed about my upcoming self-love webinars.


  • We hit 1000 subscribers at Youtube!!

2. May Intentions

I started creating dreamboards every month, as it is one of the exercises in the Soul Space. I thought it would be fun to post them in these check-ins as well!

This dreamboard came to me very intuitively, I’ve not consciously decided on anything you see in the image :P We’ll see what this will bring for May! I think the Queen is really great archetype for launching.

Dreamboard mei

What are your goals for this month?

  • Launch my e-course about self-love.
  • Have at least 100 registrants for my webinar, and I’m going to aim for 200.

What is the income you want to make this month?

Soft launch goal: €300
Average launch goal: €700
Amazing dream goal: €2000

How could you get this number?

Sell 3 to 20 self-love e-courses. (And some more if people use the 10% discount)

What actions do you need to take to make those numbers & meet your goals?

    • Every day from now until my webinars, I want to take at least 1 action each day to promote my webinar.
    • I want to ask everyone I know to share about my webinar – and not leave this out because I’m scared they’ll be annoyed by my request.
    • I want to spend a lot of time working on a salespitch that feels wonderful to me, and a beautiful salespage.
    • And… I want to be brave and not hold back with promoting during my webinar.


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