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5 Reasons Why I Love Quizzes for List Building

I’ve been thinking about using a quiz as a lead magnet for almost two years now… But I never seriously considered it although the idea sounded really exciting to me. Why not?

I assumed it would just be so difficult to set it up!

Then a little miracle happened :) I got approached by the quiz building tool Interact to do a collaboration with them. Which meant I got to test their quiz builder, and let you know if it’s worth considering!

Well, I didn’t know quiz building could be that painless and fun :) I think I’m kinda addicted!

I’m planning on writing a detailed blogpost about my results and all the ways I use Interact, in the future. But let’s first talk about the 5 reasons why I’ve actually fallen in love with quizzes.

list building with quizzes

1. They’re irresistible

Maybe you’ve heard marketers say that invoking curiosity is a great way to get people to take action. Well, what could be more interesting to my audience than finding out what their meditation archetype is, or what their personal growth super power is?

For this reason I love the personality type quiz. It’s those quizes that ask you: What type of X are you?

quiz type

Now of course the internet is full of shallow quizzes that ask you 3 superficial questions and then lets you know which celebrity you are. There is a place and time for that, but it doesn’t really resonate with me or my audience.

I wanted to build a more in-depth personality quiz. And although Interact generally recommends to keep your quizzes around 2 minutes so people make it to the finish line, I was happy to find out that it IS possible to build a more sophisticated quiz that has a great psychological foundation.

To jump to a conclusion, I think the reason why quizzes have such high opt-in rates, is the curiosity factor. People love to learn more about themselves.

2. It gives you valuable information about your subscribers

But this information is not just handy for the person taking the quiz – it can also be a goldmine for you!

When someone takes my quiz, Interact sends their info to ConvertKit (my email service provider), so that I can see what the meditation archetype of each of my subscribers is. Can you imagine which wonderful things you could do with that? It gives you the opportunity to segment people without having to ask them boring surveys :)

In the future I would love to build a quiz that gives people an advice on where they should focus with their personal growth: on self-love, intuition or inner strength/confidence.

Then when ConvertKit gets this info, I can send my subscribers to freebies, blogposts and eventually the products I offer that are related to that specific topic.

3. They send your subscribers the right way, too

This is of course related to my previous point, but I wanted to mention it separately because I think it’s important to not only think about how a quiz can help YOU, but also how it can help your subscribers as well.

It’s not only great for me if I know which course I want to sell to my subscriber, it’s nice for them too – even if they don’t want to invest any money at this point. It means they don’t get any promotion for offers they are not interested in at all, and even if they don’t purchase my course they probably get a lot of value from my webinar, freebies or meditations.

At least that’s how I intent to run my business :) That no matter if someone buys or not, they get great value from being in my “sales funnel”.

And I can build the most wonderful funnel that I can think of, but if the topic is not relevant to them, my content will never contribute to their happiness.

So I love it that quizzes can help me select which content to share with my new subscriber :)

4. They’re fun to build

I generally resist creating freebies because they can be quite a lot of work. And I must say… Interact definitely offers you the ability to create a quiz in just one hour. But for the more in-depth quiz that I wanted to create, it still took a lot of work.

But it was the fun kind of work :)

quiz templates

Instead of creating yet another e-book or meditation, I got to brainstorm meditation archetypes! I imagined what “The Guru” would look like (someone who goes their own way in a meditation), and “The Dreamer” (someone who is really good at visualizing) or “The Zen Buddhist” (someone who loves a vanilla awareness meditation).

I loved to design all these archetypes, create images of them and then think out all their characteristics.

And then that magical moment when you’ve put together all your questions… and your quiz is live! :) I created a lot of magazine-like quizzes just for fun when I was a teenager, and it felt wonderful to now be able to do that as my job ;)

5. They’re o-so shareable

And as if all of that isn’t enough to root for quizzes, there is the icing on the cake: it’s always fun to share your quiz results with your friends.

Whenever I take a (good) quiz, I’m always curious what results my close friends would get! Can you relate?

This makes quizzes very shareable, and easily gives your quiz an extra boost from all the people asking their friends to take the quiz. We are curious to learn more about ourselves, but we are definitely just as curious to learn more about the people that are closest to us!

quiz promote and share

If you’re excited to get started with quizzes in your business, you can check out Interact here.

That’s an affiliate link, which means you will definitely make my day if you sign up through there – and it won’t cost you anything more than if you choose to sign up through a different link :)

I hope you’ll have fun with building your own quizzes!