Life of a Hippie CEO Behind the scenes of building a soulful company

#35 – I Just Want to Hide

In this sharing video I talk about:

  • Feeling small, lonely and ugly and wanting to hide
  • The difficulties of coaching my students
  • Wanting to quit my business
  • My (un)healthy relationship with unsubscribers
  • Coaching from Teddybear


An hour after I recorded this video, I read in The Universe has your back, and saw the sentence: “You’re projecting your old fear story onto a totally innocent situation!”

Could that have been me? From this angle I could see how I phrased the situations as “I’m not enough cause people ask me questions about my course that are difficult to asnwer” but without my old fear of not being good enough, what was left?

“Wow, people are turning to me to ask for guidance! And even tough I’m very new at teaching this, after some time I know what advice to give them!”

And this small shift in perception, helped me to come back to my power.

Make a difference in YOUR biz!

  • If you are feeling powerless right now too, know that for you too there is something that will bring you back to your power. I know this to be true because it was what happened to me every single time I felt hopeless. Sometimes it took a lot or a long time, other times I had to ask someone else to help me find it. I can be an insight, a healing sessions, a motivational video, or sometimes you just need time. But there is always something that can bring you back.
  • Go to 25:00 if you haven't watched yet and take bears advice to your heart: If you follow your dream, no matter whether you make it come true or not, you teach people by example to follow their heart. You're already contributing.
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